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Creative Center Table Ideas Using Christmas Décor

Updated on October 30, 2014
Merry Christmas from metal reindeer
Merry Christmas from metal reindeer

The Starting Point: Plain or Clothed Center Table

Essentially, there are two starting points for a living room center table. These two points are:

A center table is generally used as inclusion of the home designs. It may either be made a high quality of wood or glass.

  1. Plain. Working with these, you must be more conservative as your center table is essential to your overall living room design. Designs that create harmony with your furniture is needed as it mustn't create a focal point. This means there shouldn't be flashy colors or too much expression taking place. (Note: A small center cloth can be an additional piece of art without adding any unwanted focus.)
  2. With cloth. If your table is colored in cloth more can be done in terms of creativity and design focus. A covered table allows for additional design elements once it doesn't belong to the furniture set, and it is by itself a minor focal point in your living room. The cloth for your center table may even include Christmas patterns.

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The Center Table is Part of Christmas

Ring-a-ling, hear the bells ring! Christmas is in the air! Christmas is the much awaited occasion of every family, most especially the children. Everyone prepares for the big event and the family gathers together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Most families are busy shopping to buy decorations to beautify their homes and create a Christmas atmosphere for the rest of the family members as well as their guests.

One of the salient things to remember when decorating homes is knowing how to illuminate a living room center table. The living room center table is a place where family gathers together while welcoming the guests. In connection with this, it is very important to organize how the center table looks like to make it more presentable and embrace the true meaning of Christmas for the entire family.

Fiber Optic Glitter Candles Centerpiece Decoration
Fiber Optic Glitter Candles Centerpiece Decoration

This great looking centerpiece includes three glitter red candles made of fiber optic lights. It's connected to faux garland for a beautiful look for any coffee table.


Get Ready to Decorate!

Decorating a Christmas center table is a fun and exciting activity. It takes only creativity to produce a work of art. Here are the decorations which you can use to beautify a center table.

Wreath with pine cones and red berries
Wreath with pine cones and red berries

Wreath Arrangements

Wreaths are one of the great Christmas symbols used for home decorations. There isn't a door in America that hasn't at one point held a wreath. However, there are more uses to these old and time honored symbols. In fact, wreaths may even be utilized in making a creative design arrangement for a center table.

These are some of the ways to make a Christmas center table decoration with the use of wreaths.

  1. As an advent wreath
  2. Wreath with candles
  3. A wreath with a basket centered inside
  4. Wreath with ornaments
  5. Wreath with ribbons
  6. Wreath with flower vase
  7. Wreath with a combination of the above

Image source: self

Garland, ornaments, and ribbons inside a clay pot
Garland, ornaments, and ribbons inside a clay pot

Garland as Décor

Garland is more than just something you place around your fireplace and put ribbons on. It is a fantastic decorating tool that not nearly enough people exploit. Also, garland gives color and mood to a center table by making it a yuletide adornment.

The yuletide season is supposed to be fun and colorful. With this, you can spice up your living room using a garland by doing one of the following:

  1. Place garland in a circular clay pot and place ribbons and ornaments on top.
  2. Put garland around the outside of your table using loops. Place ribbons on the garland.
  3. Put garland inside a vase and place red poinsettia leaves (real or fake) in the center.
  4. Place garland around a poinsettia tree's pot. Put ribbons on the garland.
  5. Place garland inside a bowl and connect pine cones, garland leaves, small gift boxes, and red berries to it.

Image source: selft

An angel trinket with ribbons and red berries
An angel trinket with ribbons and red berries

Which trinket is your favorite?

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Trinkets are always a great addition to any home d├ęcor. Christmas interior design isn't an exception and neither are coffee tables. However, trinkets shouldn't be used as a focal point, it should only be used as a side addition.

These ideas can help you decide what to do with your trinkets.

  1. Place trinkets along the edges of the table. Don't go overboard, use only two or so around each corner.
  2. Place pebbles or marbles inside a bowl and place your trinket(s) on top of it.
  3. Put ornament balls and trinkets inside a bowl and place ribbons and a few poinsettia leaves around the trinkets. However, the trinkets must be the focal point, so adjust your design based on the color of your bowl, trinkets, and ornaments.

Image source: self

The nativity scene
The nativity scene

Nativity Scene

A nativity scene is often the most important part of a living room's Christmas design. The scene signifies the good news and the birth of Jesus. Since it is the integral part of the holiday, some families give respect to the meaning of Christmas through the nativity scene.

As well, the center table is a place of gathering and happiness, similar to the day of Jesus' birth over 2000 years ago. As the shepherds gathered around Mary and baby Jesus, we too can do the same today through the use of the nativity.

The scene can easily be placed at the center of a table and not be questioned but be a point of interest and conversation among family members and guests.

Image source: self


Candles have long been part of the Christmas tradition. Before Christmas lights, people even put candles on their Christmas trees. Luckily, today we don't have to do something as dangerous as this.

Candles are one of the rare objects that can be either a central focus for a design or be an additional decoration. Because of this, there are many different choices you have, depending on the design of the candle and the holder.

  1. Use an advent candle holder with long candles for a centerpiece of your design. You can use all white candles or go with the traditional Advent colors of three purple, one pink, and you may include a white candle if you wish.
  2. Use short red candles with an accent of garland and ribbons surrounding them.
  3. Use an Advent wreath.
  4. Put tea candle around other decorations to highlight their significance.

Your Christmas Coming Together

A great Christmas is the essence of having family gather together during the yuletide season. This special occasion will be fun and exciting when you prepare your center table for your family while welcoming your guests. Making a Christmas center table should be like buying the best gift and the best gift wrapping you can give to someone special in your life. A Christmas celebration only happens once a year, so make the most of it!

Remember, celebrate Christmas with your family and let them be the center of your thoughtful Christmas gift. Happy holidays!!!


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    • Arco Hess Designs profile image

      Arco Hess 3 years ago from Kansas City, Kansas

      Thanks, Nancy. Yes, keeping with one theme is best. Not only does everything get lost, if you go too overboard it simply looks crowded and messy. Keeping with one color scheme allows things to be kept clean and organized.

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      These are welcome suggestions for how to decorate at Christmastime. You show that keeping a single theme is best, and I think so too. When you use too many different things, it all becomes lost, nothing stands out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Arco Hess Designs profile image

      Arco Hess 3 years ago from Kansas City, Kansas

      Hi, grand old lady! Thank you for appreciating the article. I hope the ideas will help you a lot. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      These are beautiful ideas. They are also very simple to do. I also love the pictures. Have a happy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas to you.