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Garden Shed Transformation Projects

Updated on March 26, 2016

Creating a Magical Getaway in Your Own Backyard

Many private residences feature outdoor sheds for such utilitarian functions as storing lawn mowers, deck furniture and other items. But have you ever considered having a shed for a completely different, fun, creative purpose? Having a shed can actually increase the square entertaining footage of your property, offer men, women and children their own social space, and give the neighbors something fun to talk about!

Garden Shed

With a little ingenuity, your storage shed can become a cool place to beat the heat while working on gardening projects. Make a list of items you’ll need such as gardening implements, bags of soil, gloves, watering cans, fertilizer, plant, planter boxes, etc. Include a 6 to 8 foot table in the center on which to lay out your planter boxes, flats of flowers, soil, etc.

The benefit of working the shed is that you can stay out of the direct sunlight while working and once your pots have been planted, you can carry them to their designated locations.

To organize your garden shed, use clear plastic, stackable drawer units to hold smaller items such as hand spades, gloves, pruners, etc. Consider using large Rubbermaid containers to store soil and fertilizers. Be sure they have tight fitting lids.

Don’t forget to plant a flower garden around your shed to spruce it up and place hanging plants around the entrance. Inside, you can hang floral prints on the walls to give your garden shed a little extra pizzaz!

Cabana / Pool House

If you’ve got a pool, you’ve gotta have a pool house! Not only will this make a great place to store pool toys and cleaning supplies, but it can also be a great place to get out of the sun for a bit. By installing a small refrigerator you will have a place to keep summer beverages cold. Hang inner-tubes and other flotation devices on walls to create additional floor space and liven up the look of your interior. Your shed, depending on dimensions, should easily fit two chaise lounges, perfect for relaxing in a cooler space. Kick back and relax with a cool drink while gazing through the open doors onto the welcoming pool. You can decorate the outside of the shed with nautical items such as anchors, life rings, heavy rope, etc. Consider placing a small shelving unit on one wall to store clean beach towels, flip flops, etc. and a wicker basket with a tight fitting lid lined with a large plastic garbage bag into which guests can drop used beach towels. If you want to have a garden around the pool house, consider a beach themed garden, using sand instead of soil. Create edging by using small tree limbs, through which thick rope fencing can be draped. Instead of plants, consider inserting items such as starfish, seashells, faux kelp or other ocean plants, etc. You could also make a homemade beach sign with a clever saying such as “Beach Open: No Lifeguard on Duty,” “Wilson’s Beach,” or something similar.


If you like to entertain outdoors but can’t afford a fancy outdoor kitchen, consider transforming your shed into an outdoor entertaining space. You’ll easily fit two bistro sets into a large shed. Use a mobile bar and fit with a wash basin, clean towels, bar utensils such as stir sticks, napkins, corkscrew, wine stoppers, etc. Install a small refrigerator to stock beer, malt beverages, sodas and cocktail garnishes. By installing a shelving unit behind the bar, you can store liquor bottles, bar glasses, and bar snacks. Keep in mind that not all items can be stored on shelves if the temperature of the shed is not regulated. In that case, keep bottles, snacks and other perishables in boxes or crates for easy transport between the house and the shed for your special events. Consider having a docking station for your iPod so you can have fun music in the bar and decorate the walls with your favorite, festive art. Behind the bar, it could be fun to have a mirrored wall. You can drape holiday lights from the ceiling and/ or around the bar shelving to create an additional fun vibe. Draping raffia or grass skirting around the bar will transform it into a tiki bar if you’re going for an island theme.

Man Cave

The Man Cave can have many of the same elements as the bar, but in addition, consider adding a mounted flat screen. This can make a great escape for watching the game. By including elements such as a small bar, small fridge, and iPod docking station, you’ll have all the makings of a fun hideaway. You might install a dart board on the back wall of the shed, opposite the entrance, which will give plenty of space for shooting. By installing seating along one long wall you can use the opposite wall as a focal point. As an alternative to the mounted television, you might consider hanging a large white board on which your man can keep project lists, play a game of Pictionary with friends, draw landscaping plans, etc. If you want to plant gardens around the man cave, consider ideas that speak to the masculinity of the space, such as planters made out of spare tires, tiki torches made from empty wine or beer bottles, and rock or cactus gardens that are attractive but not feminine.

Santa's Workshop

Looking for a great place, under lock and key to hide the kids’ holiday gifts? Consider transforming your outdoor shed into Santa’s Workshop. This is a great place to store not only gifts, but also wrapping supplies such as paper, bows, tags, bags, tissue, tape, etc. This particular idea works best in warm weather climates that allow for you to be outdoors in an unheated area during winter. To get into the holiday spirit, decorate the outside of the workshop with festive lights. Create a garden space around the workshop and fill it with poinsettias, candy canes, your favorite outdoor decorations. Be sure to hang a festive wreath on the front door. Inside, drape colored holiday lights from the ceiling and install an iPod docking station so you can play your favorite holiday tunes while working. Decorate the walls with holiday pictures. You’ll have plenty of room in the corner for a small lighted tree. Storing wrapped gifts under the tree is a fun idea. Placing a 6 foot table in the center of the shed will give you a place to lay out the gifts for wrapping. Be sure to have a couple of chairs so you can relax. Installing a small white board on one wall is a great place to make shopping lists, wish lists and organize ideas for your holiday plans.

Play House

Businesses such as Little Tykes and Playschool have long made play houses for kids. They come in all sizes, colors and themes, but if you really want to wow your kids and their friends, consider creating the mother of all play areas inside of a large storage shed! Complete with outdoor gardens, child sized seating and plenty of space for coloring and other projects, this will be the ultimate play house. By including a series of colorful or clear stackable plastic drawers, you will have storage space for crayons, paints, paper, art supplies, smocks, toys, games and books. Lay a colorful throw carpet on the floor. Against one wall you can install a doll house, play kitchen or leave space for Legos, Lincoln Logs, or building blocks. Installing a large white board and/ or chalk board on one wall will allow the kids space to create their own murals. On the opposite wall, install a large bulletin board for hanging their paper art projects. Including a small table and chair set will give them a great space for having lunch or snack. Be sure to include a plastic garbage bin with tight fitting lid so they can deposit trash after their meals or projects.

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      These are awesome... hell, I'd live in one of these, DH & I have been thinking of getting a 'tiny house' when our two youngest teens are off to college and out in the world. Love this hub, voted up!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      Thinking outside the box often produces great ideas… :)

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 2 years ago from India

      I like the idea of garden shed. It will be really cool to have a shed outside where you can store gardening tools and where you can take rest when you get tired working

      Voted up :)