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Creative Small Living Spaces

Updated on January 13, 2014
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Anan is an online blogger and private consultant since 2009 in the areas of relationships and interfaith spirituality.

How to maximize a small space

In today's market, the economy has forced millions into cut back our expenses and in some cases, rethink our entire lifestyle.

Smaller apartments and homes are being revisited by architects and private citizens to solve the housing dilemma.

Taking this into account, more and more Americans are considering re-purposing rooms and find creative ways to use small spaces.

Incorporating furniture and architecture that will aid the person utilizing this space to maximize it's use. We can borrow from the Japanese and minimalist style, to solve this problem in our own homes.

Finding solutions for storage and efficient use of the space, is key for this family to make this arrangement work. As you can see, a small space does not mean compromising comfort or style.

Saving space

Living Rooms

When a living room is this small, we have to consider the purpose of the room. Choose the furniture according to the square footage and usage of the space. In a small apartment where space has to serve multiple functions, is imperative to define those purposes by establishing how the space will be used in the future.

Storage is a big commodity in a small room. That's why we have to come up with clever ideas to create storage within the existent furniture.Less is more in these spaces. In some case this is the only living area , meaning that maybe the living room is also the bedroom. We have to come up with clever ways to use the space without compromising the integrity of the room.

There are wall units that, like a "Murphy bed", have more than one use in a small space like a living room/ bedroom. The best way to illustrate this would be with this example of a small apartment that unfolds to 3 rooms.

Going Small

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. That 's why it has to be equip with the things that make your life easier and serve for more than one purpose. For most people, this has to be a functioning space. And the same way we get fitted for a garment, our kitchen has to fit our needs entirely.

Only keep around the things you use daily, keeping the clutter to a minimum. Make use of every nook and crevice in the kitchen.

Fold away furniture is best, when space is limited. The key is to keep it functional and uncluttered at the same time. This will a great way also to keep everything in it's place.

Kid's Bedroom

Is imperative that the kids room has at least the basic elements for it to become his or her sanctuary. The bed is the centerpiece of the room. Of course, with children , storage is a must. That's why in a small space, we have to incorporate storage creatively.

When the room is small, think of vertical space. Shelves, or like in this picture a system of stairs/drawers can add a new twist to an old classic. Incorporate color to bring the kids room to life while maximizing the space.

Master Bedrooms

If the need arises, it is possible to create a master bedroom inside a relatively small space. With the use of some minimalism style rules, and a good storage, anyone can fit their master room into a relatively small square footage.

Using your imagination and the furniture available, is possible to accomplish great results. If the space is too small for existing furniture. It would be a good idea to invest in foldaway furniture, like a Murphy bed.


Bathrooms are by default the most used room next to the kitchen. That's why the focus of this particular space would be functionality. There are wonderful things you can do with a small bathroom, that is if you are willing to compromise.

As seen in this example, be practical and utilize every possible angle in order to make the design work.

The future of multipurpose spaces

As the population increases, and the economy transforms, people have to adapt to the new times. That means, less space per person in the big cities. Japan, Korea and now New York have adopted this new way of using space for the sake of necessity.

Pieces of furniture that only could be seen in an artist rendition of a futuristic concept is popping up in catalogs and the internet. Why? Simple, the time has come to get back to the basics. The same self sufficiency is critical to evolve into the new stage of modernism. Simplifying our dwellings, by making them more efficient ensures the best use of resources and space.


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    • profile image

      Sable 2 years ago

      Woot, I will ceinlrtay put this to good use!

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 3 years ago from California

      Is true teaches it can be a challenge. But its easier to do spring cleaning. LOL!!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I love a challenge. small charming areas like this are interesting but I don't know if I could function well within the confines. I believe that it is perfect for the single person or young married. But who knows, I may just end up in one sometime in the future. Voted up and sharing.