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Crime Rates Lowering, But Need for Home Security Still a Must

Updated on February 25, 2011

According to statistics released by the FBI at the end of 2010, there has been a slight decrease in the crime rate-this is somewhat surprising as trends generally show that when the economy is poor crime rates are higher. However, just because the numbers are lower, does not mean that the need for home security alarms is nonexistent. Consider these facts from the same FBI report:

·         In the Northeast, incidents of burglary rose 3.9 percent, murder were up 5.7 percent, forcible rapes were up 1.1 percent and aggravated assaults were up 2.4 percent.

·         Reported incidents of property crime as a whole declined in all four regions of the country—dropping 0.2 percent in the Northeast, 2.5 percent in the Midwest, 3.6 percent in the South, and 3.1 percent in the West.

·         Murders rose by 1.8 percent in rural areas and by 5.3 percent in cities with populations between 25,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. In fact, based on populations of over 100,000, these cities are the top five for murder: New Orleans, LA; Richmond, CA; St. Louis, MO; Detroit, MI and Baltimore, MD.

With this information, and more like it available, it is still necessary for homeowners to do their part to protect what is near and dear to them. This can be done an assortment of ways. You may choose to have a large guard dog, vary your daily schedule, install an outdoor motion detector or take any number of proactive steps, but ultimately, the best step you can take to protect your family is have a home security system installed.

A home security system is much like having an extra set of eyes and ears on your family; they are they there to help you when you need it, but otherwise, they are unobtrusive. In fact, a home security alarm system is much like a “friend” who protects you from a home invasion. A security alarm system has many other features that make beneficial. Today’s security systems also monitor carbon monoxide levels, heat levels, smoke detection and even water levels. With a home security system, you can easily protect your home and family even when you are not there.

Despite the lower crime rates in America, it is vital that you do all you can to keep your family safe. Contact you’re a home security company and see what they can do for you. Once you have a security system in place, you can rest assured that you are taking the steps necessary to prevent being a victim of a crime.


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