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Crochet Curtains Can Work in any Home

Updated on April 2, 2011

Crochet is a vintage handicraft that has made a recent resurgence into the market in both home décor and fashion. As a result, crochet is something that can work with many different styles from vintage chic to ultra modern. Crochet curtains may not be something that you’ve thought about using in your home before but they’re unique style can provide a terrific option for your home. They are especially perfect in summer and spring and in warm weather climates but crochet curtains truly can work just about anywhere.

Crochet Curtains in a Vintage Chic Home

The most obvious type of home where you are likely to see crochet curtains is in a home with vintage chic style. Many people have crochet curtains that have been passed down through the generations as heirloom items. With granny chic making a huge boom in the interior design market now is absolutely the perfect time to take grandma’s crochet curtains out of storage and hang them up to celebrate her great sense of style in your space! Alternatively you can find vintage crochet curtains online or in thrift stores and hang them up. Either way you want to embrace the idea of granny chic (as opposed to just granny!) and mix modern décor items with the vintage curtains to create a home that is up-to-date even though it’s got those great touches from the past.

Learn more about granny chic style here.

Crochet Curtains in an Ultra Modern Home

The ultra modern home has sleek furniture, lots of metal and is often decorated in black. Crochet curtains can really add to this type of home even though you might not think so at first glance. One way to make it work is to focus on finding (or making) crochet curtains that are done in black and white with geometric patterns. You don’t want lacy florals in an ultra modern home but crochet isn’t just about doilies. There are some great fresh designs that will add texture and patterns to your ultra modern space. These curtains should be a complement to the rest of the décor in the home rather than a statement piece of the space. Note that one alternative to crochet curtains in black and white would be crochet curtains that are made using a metallic thread. There are so many different yarns out there these days that it’s possible to find really edgy crochet designs!

Crochet Curtains in a Country Home

Another type of home that is perfect for crochet curtains is the country home. Homes that are inspired by French country designs, homes that are decorated with gingham and homes that have lots of kitschy stuff are the kind of homes where traditional crochet curtains fit in perfectly. These may be vintage designs but it’s more likely that you would choose modern crochet curtains in white, cream or light blue for this type of space.

Crochet Curtains in a Beach House

Do you have a summer home on the beach? What better place for crochet curtains than this?!  Crochet curtains are often light and airy, lacy and fresh. That’s the perfect thing for a beach house. You can open the windows and the breeze will allow your crochet curtains to just flutter lightly. It’s a wonderful, fresh feeling and the lightness of traditional crochet curtains is perfect!

Crochet Curtains for the Retro Housewife

There is a trend that some people are calling the “retro housewife” trend. Women who have reclaimed the joy of domestic chores (although they may also work outside the home) celebrate the retro style of the 1950’s in a cheeky and fun way. Think Anne Taintor, super cute aprons and Mad Men! Crochet curtains can be the perfect touch for this woman’s home, especially in the kitchen. Choose flirty colors like pink and yellow or really bold colors for crochet curtains if this is your style.

Crochet Curtains for all Climates

One important point to note is that crochet curtains can be used in all climates although they are most commonly seen in warm weather climates. If you’re going to use crochet curtains in a place that is always cold then you might want to select darker colors, thicker yarns and even layer one set of crochet curtains over another to create that added warmth that you desire for your home. You may also want to use light draperies beneath your crochet curtains during the colder months of the year. This can help keep the heat in the home so that you are not wasting money on high energy bills! Note that layering lacy crochet curtains over a darker drapery that you can see through the crochet can have a really cool textural effect that also works nicely in almost any type of home.

Get Creative

The main thing that you should get out of this article is that crochet curtains truly can work in any space. Sure, you’re not likely to see too many bachelor pads that are embracing the trend of crochet curtains but this is a style that can work for co-ed housing situations as well as for families. It’s not something that’s limited to grandma’s house or the single retro-inspired woman. You just need to get creative. Take the time to look at options when it comes to crochet curtains. See what’s in the market. See what people have used in terms of crochet curtains in the past. Keep your eye out for designs that inspire you. And then enjoy the magic of crochet in your home!


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  • Kalmiya profile image

    Kalmiya 4 years ago from North America

    This is really a great idea, especially for a simple summer kitchen window décor and cover. I love that crochet is so simple, a hook and yarn that can create garments or fabric-style items. I usually knit and have been doing what I call 'nervous knitting' (just reknitting the same scarf about 10 times) as a form of stress therapy. But your hub has given me an idea to produce something useful with this nervous/stress energy! Thanks.