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Crystal Chandelier Lighting Guide

Updated on November 12, 2013

A chandelier is a flower of light. It is a shower of crystal petals that floats in the air. A chandelier is a mark of artistry and sophistication. A home hung with a crystal chandelier is a home that tells its guests that it is meant for higher living. Good things happen here,  says a crystal chandelier, fine things, the very best of things.

Given the mark of fine living that a crystal chandelier imparts to a home, it is no wonder that so many home owners are in the market for crystal chandelier lighting. Not only will a chandelier bring to a room the light it needs for dining, cooking, reading, or entertaining, it will bring it with the utmost in beauty. Read on for tips on buying crystal chandelier lighting and for finding a chandelier that will match your home, and your tastes, exquisitely.

Is crystal chandelier lighting right for your room?
Is crystal chandelier lighting right for your room?
An example of a Swarovski Crystal Chandelier.
An example of a Swarovski Crystal Chandelier.

Tips on Buying Crystal Chandelier Lighting

In today’s lighting marketplace, there are so many options available. This is true of any type and lighting and is certainly true as far as crystal chandelier lighting goes. Given the overwhelming range of choices available, it can be difficult to make a decision on the kind of crystal chandelier that will be best for you.

Of course, much of your decision will be based purely on your tastes. Are you the type that prefers a traditional style when it comes to home furnishing such as lighting, or are you the type of person who likes a bit of contemporary flair? Modern chandeliers both mimic chandeliers of old while bringing it up to date, and some even look modern. Really, they are fitted to today's tastes, and can be anything from modern to little works of art.

Do you like your lighting to be a bit more subtle and reserved or are you more flashy in your tastes? Some chandeliers are made with crystals hanging from it to make a form, like waves, balls, or whatever design the creator had in mind. Others obvious chandeliers - in the classic forms with crystals hanging just as accents, or to catch the light just so.

All of these things will influence the type of crystal chandelier lighting you will purchase. However, there are some practical considerations you should consider as well.

Tips on Keeping Your Crystal Chandelier Lighting Fixture Shining Bright!

1) Be sure to turn off the light or disconnect it from any power supply.

2) Place something on the ground in case you drop one of the crystals - don't want to have to replace a broken crystal.

3) Pictures help in putting everything back together, so put your camera to good use!

4) Remove any bulbs and put them in a safe place.

5) Make sure you don't lose any of the crystals in the cleaning process! Safe guard your drains with some form of stopper (towels can work) or use a strainer to drain your crystals in.

6) Clean the crystals section by section, by removing the crystals, washing them in a your colander or towel using soapy water, rinse them again in hot water, and pat dry with your towels before re-assembly.

7) Re-assemble the section and repeat the process to wash all the crystals.

8) Wipe down the frame, buffing it well with the appropriate cleaner, careful not to wet any wires, then allow to dry.

9) Don't jostle your chandelier too much and be aware if it has loosened from it's base while reassembling all the parts together.

How Much Light Do You Need?

First of all, you will need to think about what kind of lighting the room you are fitting with a crystal chandelier will require. If the chandelier is for your dining room, for example, you may want the lighting to provide some romance to the room. You may want your crystal chandelier to provide a warm glow, a delicate sparkle of crystal and light, to bring a delicate splay of light to your table top. In this case, it might be a good idea to purchase a chandelier in which the light is filtered gently through many delicate strands of crystal beads, grapes, and clusters. Or, you may want a chandelier that utilizes fabric shades over the bulbs.

On the other hand, perhaps you are shopping for crystal chandelier lighting for your kitchen. In this instance, you may desire a chandelier that will give off a bit more direct lighting so that the room is well lit for the preparation of food. Crystal chandeliers come in sizes that accommodate anywhere from one or two bulbs up to twelve bulbs or more. The ideal lighting for the kitchen may include a bulb in the chandelier that points directly down to flood a table or countertop in bright light. You may also want crystal chandelier lighting that accommodates higher wattage bulbs.

You'll want to consider what kind of bulbs you want to use when selecting your chandelier. For example, LED lights can produce more heat than other lights, and any chandeliers with shades may not be able to handle the heat. Be sure to inquire about types of bulbs you can use before purchasing, if you have any questions.

In many cases, a crystal chandelier is only one type of lighting that will be used in a room. It may be that the chandelier will provide a central light for the space, but accent or task lighting will be used as well. These considerations will determine how far you would like the light from your chandelier to travel. Should it reach the far corners of your room and provide a strong enough light to illuminate relatively long distances? Or, will a table lamp or track lighting fill in for the deeper corners? A mini crystal chandelier hung at a distance from the main crystal chandelier lighting is often a very good choice as well.

Shopping for Crystal Chandelier Lighting

There are many good places you can head to for shopping for crystal chandeliers. Here are just a couple spots to get you started.

For the ultimate in opulence, you might want to check out Goldenage Chandeliers at their Internet store. There you will find crystal chandelier lighting that fairly cascades in showers of lead crystal and light. This online retailer provides both hanging crystal chandeliers and ceiling flush-mount varieties.

An extremely popular and well known crystal chandelier lighting maker is Schonbeck. This lighting designer has been making chandeliers since 1870, when they first opened a workshop in Bohemia. Since that time, they have been making and selling award winning crystal chandelier lighting to homeowners throughout the world. Visit their online showroom to view their full line of chandelier lighting products.

You can also check out lighting retailers, such as for some crystal chandelier choices. They offer chandeliers with LED lights, which are more cost effective in the long run, as LED lights require less energy to create a brighter light, and also environmentally friendly compared to other lighting options.

Whatever you style and whatever your lighting needs, crystal chandeliers will provide you with a rich light that comes in a beautiful package.

Where are you looking to hang your chandelier?

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