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Crystal Wine Glasses Are The Wine Lover's Best Friend

Updated on March 20, 2011

Crystal Wine Glasses Are Elegant & Delicate

Crystal wine glasses are without doubt the most elegant and delicate glasses you can buy. A classic style of crystal wine glasses stemware is made by Waterford in Ireland. Waterford crystal wine glasses are extremely elegant and have a traditional style that is perfect for any dinner party or gathering.

Crystal is made by adding lead oxide to glass. This increases the density of the glass creating a shinier, more reflective finish. Crystal is a very soft glass that can easily be scratched by a small particle of dirt, sand or dust. Gentle care and attention is required to keep your crystal wine glasses looking their best.

Crystal glasses are porous and can absorb soapy flavors quite easily. If you wash them with soap, you may have a sparkling wine glass, but it will also be a wine glass that changes the flavor of the wine, adding a taste of dish detergent.

Crystal wine glasses come in all sizes and styles.
Crystal wine glasses come in all sizes and styles.

Crystal Wine Glasses Require Delicate Care

Here are some guidelines for maintaining crystal wine glasses:

  • To prevent your crystal glasses from getting scratched, only carry one glass in each hand. If you carry more than that, the glasses may rub together.
  • It is important you do not use harsh cleaners if you need to soak your crystal glasses. Instead, try warm water. If that's not enough to get the job done, there are special cleaners made especially for crystal glass.
  • It is highly recommended that you always wash your crystal glasses by hand. Placing them in the dishwasher can lead to broken glasses or will leave the glasses with soap baked onto the finish.


Bohemia is one of the world's finest brands of crystal wine glasses
Bohemia is one of the world's finest brands of crystal wine glasses

Crystal Wine Glasses Are Widely Available

Riedel wine glasses are some of the most beautiful crystal wine glasses available anywhere. Don't go with plastic wine glasses unless you're the kind who would show up at a high society social wearing wine glass charms on their arm!

There are so many styles of crystal wine glass available at both brick and mortar retailers and online etailers that if you wanted to review all your options, it could take you days or weeks! You can choose from multicolored crystal stemware wine glasses such as blue crystal wine glasses, green crystal wine glasses or even pink crystal wine glasses.

If you want personalization, you can opt for a crystal wine glasses set made up of engraved crystal wine glasses and etched crystal wine glasses with your monogram! Of course if you are a collector vintage crystal wine glasses, and antique crystal wine glasses hold a very special appeal to you, even if the price of some of them at auctions can reach into the hundreds or thousands of dollars!

If you are that prosperous, then you will already be well acquainted with Baccarat crystal wine glasses which are France's finest lead crystal wine glasses. There is nothing like opening a fine bottle of burgundy and pouring it into crystal red wine glasses to impress your friends and give all of you the magnificent experience of quaffing a vintage wine from an exquisite glass!

Multicolored crystal wine glasses can be beautiful too!
Multicolored crystal wine glasses can be beautiful too!

Choose Your Crystal Wine Glasses Carefully

How to choose crystal wine glasses:

  • When choosing a wine glass for red wine, look for one with a wide bowl in order to allow a larger surface area. The wine glass should also have a wide opening to permit room for your nose to inhale the complex fragrances.
  • When pouring red wine, keep the level at about one third of the glass. This exposes the wine to more air and leaves room to swirl the wine in your glass, enhancing the aroma and flavor.
  • When choosing a glass for white wine, opt for a narrow bowl and opening. The smaller size helps keep the wine at a cooler temperature and contains the lighter aroma of a white wine.
  • Perhaps you're serving champagne instead. A tall, thin glass is ideal to prevent the bubbles from escaping too quickly.
  • If you're entertaining and plan to serve several types of wine but don't want the expense of purchasing several different wine glasses, you can select the more common tulip-shaped Riedel wine glass.

The Crystal Wine Glasses Manufacturing Process

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