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Cubicle Decor Ideas

Updated on July 28, 2016

If you work in an office, it's likely that you spend lots of time in a cubicle. This 8'x8' space can sometimes seem like a prison - but it doesn't have to be like this. Instead of waiting until special holidays to decorate your cubicle, why not implement professional cubicle decor that makes your cubicle more fun to work from?

There are many websites that offer fantastic cubicle decor ideas. Some, like, even offer specific cubicle decor packages that you can buy and setup. What I'm going to do with this Hub is provide you with cubicle decoration ideas that are not only fun but also professional-looking. There is no point in providing you with cubicle decor ideas that the boss is likely to balk at.

Keeping Things Professional

When trying to make your cubicle more enjoyable, it can be easy to let things get out of hand. Sure, we all (at least most of us) enjoy the beach - but lining your desk with a hula skirt and sticking beach wallpaper all over your cubicle walls is likely to have your boss hounding you to take down your cubicle decor.

Instead of getting crazy with outlandish decorations for your cubicle, go with stuff that looks good, is inviting, and is also professional looking. For example, a nice table lamp or two (depending on your desk size) certainly adds an ambiance. A few small plants will add color to an otherwise boring cubicle. Some wall art to cover those sand or grey colored walls also goes a long way toward sprucing the cubicle up. The best part is that much of this cubicle decor isn't even expensive!

Wall Art for Your Cubicle

Your cubicle walls are probably pretty bland. Liven them up with properly sized wall art. Framed 8" x 10" wall art is usually a good fit for cubicle walls. If your favorite animal is a leopard, head over to Amazon and pickup some framed leopard prints. Do yourself a favor though - don't skimp on price. Cheap wall art is going to look cheap. You want your cubicle decor choices to enhance your cubicle space - not detract from it. Filling your cubicle with trashy looking decor isn't going to make things look good.

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