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Cuisinart Charcoal Coffee Water Filters

Updated on January 10, 2012

I consider myself a coffee connoisseur and there is nothing like a fresh cup of hot gourmet coffee in the morning. Yet, when I moved into my new house, I noticed that the water I used in making coffee was flavored with a very unpleasant taste. So, I thought I would use the Brita filter water that I keep because it does a pretty decent job of removing a lot of the chemicals. After tasting this new coffee with the brita filtration water, I found it to be ok. Not the best coffee, but certainly much better than it tasted in the first pot with the original water.

I knew there had to be an away to filter the water again that would not take too much effort in the morning when have awake. That is when I came across the Cuisinart charcoal water filters. These things are great. I use the same Brita water and then add my freshly ground coffee to the filter and start the brewing process. It actually gets out the rest of the chemicals that the Brita water filter even missed and the coffee taste incredible.

About the Cuisinart charcoal, water filters

The charcoal water filters help me get an excellent cup of coffee every time. They fit most number 4 coffee filter locations. This was a plus because I did not want to buy a new coffee maker just yet. It is guaranteed to remove a lot of the things that make water taste bad it Removes chlorine, odors, calcium, and other water impurities prior to brewing.

Why water quality is essential in coffee

Coffee by definitions just flavored water when you break it down to the true fundamentals. So, having some of the best water in your coffee pot will give you some of the best coffee. You can see what I mean when you take your coffee pot out in the morning, and the stains from the coffee are present all around the rim. This is not mostly coffee but the water chemicals that are in the water attaching to your glass brewer. Just imagine all the residue from the water is what you are partly ingesting. That just grosses me out, and gives me an awful coffee experience, which tends to make me grouchy in the morning.

So, you get an excellent cup of coffee with every sip. No more metallic or ugly aftertaste in your morning coffee. But, what is significant about these filters is there low cost so get a bunch of them to have. The manufacture says to replace them every 60 days or so, but I find that if I change mine more frequently every 2-3 weeks they make a much tastier cup of coffee for that period.


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