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Cuisinart Filter Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Updated on January 26, 2010

Searching for a machine that brews full and partial pots of coffee without sacrificing flavor can end with this machine. Many manufacturers are getting wise to the coffee drinker's desire for flavor control with a minimum of complexity. Cuisinart isn't the only company to offer a machine with these capabilities, but the Cuisinart 12-Cup Filter Brew does offer a few intelligent design features to enhance the brewing process for full pots, or just a cup. The simple and easy to use drip coffee maker automatically adjusts water flow depending on the amount of coffee being brewed to maximize flavor. It also comes with a showerhead designed to evenly dispense heated water over ground coffee for a more even extraction. The machine can brew a full pot of 12 cups or 1 - 4 servings. The Cuisinart 12-Cup Filter Brew also includes a charcoal water filtration system and is available in white or black.

Cuisinart Filter Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker Controls

There are no puzzling sequences of buttons to memorize with this machine. One push of a button makes the switch from brewing a full pot to as few as 1 - 4 cups. The coffee maker features a simple on/off switch that illuminates when it is on. Controls are clearly marked, easy to read, and simple to use. It's almost impossible to make a mistake with this machine.

Cuisinart Filter Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker Performance

This machine is distinguished by its ability to preserve flavor. A look at the grounds after brewing shows that drip coverage from the machine's unique showerhead is even and thorough. Using the 1-4 cup button, it will adjust the water flow to maintain this full extraction with smaller pots. The pieces are easy to handle and to clean. After brewing has been completed, you may want to wait to remove the carafe until every last drop falls, so it won't drip onto the hot plate. The machine rates above average in performance.

Cuisinart Filter Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker Construction         
The Cuisinart 12-Cup Filter Brew is common looking, but it will complement most decors. The coffee maker is made of plastic and has a large removable filter holder basket. It is sturdy and trim. The interior construction is intelligent; the machine's showerhead is circular and has holes along the radius to dispense water evenly over ground coffee.

One bit of thoughtfulness in the carafe design is worth mentioning. The Cuisinart 12-Cup Filter Brew's carafe has water level indicators marked on both sides. That's a minor detail to be sure, but it's nice to see a design that accommodates left and right-handed grips. The 12-cup glass carafe also has a large plastic handle with plenty of room to secure a comfortable hold.

Hot Plate                 
The hot plate is Teflon coated for easy cleaning. It is controlled using the on/off switch which is located on the front of the machine.

Pay attention when you're filling the reservoir. The water reservoir is narrow, so you should use a little extra care when you're pouring water in. The reservoir features an easy to read exterior water level indicator visible on the right side of the machine.

Water Filtration        
Filtering out impurities in water is a key to flavor, and many coffee makers now include disposable charcoal filters. This machine is no exception. As in many other models, the small charcoal polybag water filter resembles a plump teabag. It fits securely in a holder that is inserted into the base of the water reservoir. Cuisinart recommends soaking the filter for 15 minutes before using it in the machine.

Coffee Filter                     
A standard goldtone filter is included. If you prefer paper, you can also use #4 paper cone filters.

The included accessories are basic. The Cuisinart 12-Cup Filter Brew includes a coffee scoop, 1 charcoal polybag, and instructions for re-ordering filters. Like other Cuisinart models, it provides 5 paper cone filters.


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