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Cuisinart Grind & Brew Auto 10 Cup Coffee Maker, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

The Flavor System is also helpful because the grinder is so small. Cuisinart recommends 1 scoop of whole beans per cup or, for a full pot, filling the grinder completely, so you cannot simply add more beans to get a stronger pot. Clean up is eased a little bit because the grinder and filter holder are essentially one unit, but it is a little scary the first time you open the machine to pull out the filter holder and the entire contents of the machine come out with it. Cuisinart has really made an effort to give the user complete control, and it shows. The coffee tastes fresh and is as hot as you want it, making it a star performer. Although the amount of control isn't for everyone, this will definitely be a fantastic machine for the right person.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Auto 10 Cup Coffee Maker Construction

One lid leads to the grinder, reservoir, and Coffee Bar Flavor System. All three of these items are visible from the top of the machine, which has two clear plastic windows that let you see what part of the brewing process is occurring. This lid is very large, and will add an additional 8-9 inches to the total height of the machine when open. There is also an unusually wide water level indicator on the right side of the machine that is well marked and uses a red floating ball for maximum readability. Housed in plastic, this machine is not overly large despite its numerous functions and options. The same can be said of its compact control panel, which is clearly marked and has well placed buttons. Even the 10-cup carafe looks relatively small due to its slightly squat design.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Auto 10 Cup Coffee Maker Carafe

The Taste Keeper lid makes it easy to pour and clean. A hinged pouring spout on the lid provides heat retention and helps to minimize drip. The thumb tab that you use to open the lid is unusually well designed. A recess in the carafe's handle allows the lid to stand straight up without any cajoling, making it very easy to rinse and fill. The carafe also features a comfort grip handle and knuckle guard to ensure a safe, solid grip. On both sides of the handle there are easy to read water level indicators.

Hot Plate

The hot plate temperature controls set this machine apart. The warming temperature of the hot plate is visible on the LED display and can be adjusted using three buttons on the control panel. The hot plate will automatically shut off 4 hours after brewing or can be programmed to turn off at any point in between.


The reservoir is located at the rear of the machine. Because of its position, you will need to open the lid completely to access the reservoir. This will require an additional 8-9 inches of vertical space. The water level indicator, located on the right side of the machine, is very large. It uses a floating red ball to ensure visibility from a variety of angles.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Auto 10 Cup Coffee Maker Water Filtration

This machine does not have a water filter. However, using filtered or bottled water is recommended to improve the flavor of coffee, as well as reducing the amount of mineral build-up in the machine.

Coffee Filter

The Grind and Brew 10-cup uses a #4 paper cone filter.


A coffee scoop and five #4 paper cone filters are included with this machine. Filter re-order information is provided as well.

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