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Curtain Poles Made Simple

Updated on September 8, 2010

If tacks were enough, countless homes would have this unique way of hanging their drapes. It would be a tragedy in the decorating world, not to mention hard on the fabric and walls. People tend to move into a place and think it is too complicated to install curtain poles. So, if they are not already in place, some do not immediately know what to do. Actually, it is simpler to put rods up for your window coverings than some people might think. Choosing the right ones may seem difficult at first glance yet can be simple by following just a few guidelines.

The first of all the things you will need is a tape measure. You need to know the width of the window in question. Measure from side to side, and add on four inches. This will give you the length of curtain rod needed for that window. When the brackets have been installed, you will want a little extra length on the rod for the right fit. It helps to even out the look by not requiring the window drapes to end exactly at the edge of the glass, but to overlap the sides just a bit. This will increase privacy as well. Next, you’ll need to gather together a pencil, drill, and the pole hardware. Measure up from the floor on each side of the window or down from the ceiling to decide on your height. Mark the chosen spot and use your drill to attach the brackets to the wall. It really is that simple.

Most curtain poles have the ability to be lengthened and shortened. This allows for a variety of window sizes. You will encounter round, square, and oval shaped bars and there are multitudes of fancy finial ends to add pizazz to your window treatments. And, of course, you can choose from several decorative finishes for just the right touch. All these little details add a certain ambiance to a room. With a little effort and practice you can develop the ability to create whatever moods you want by altering the things you choose to cover your windows.

Every home can benefit from the style and class that a perfect window treatment can bring. Putting up the right curtain pole to support the beautiful fabric curtains picked for your space will give a warm sense of accomplishment. Most people can do it without much of a problem. Having the right tools on hand and using common sense in the installation will usually give reliable results. There is no longer the need to put useless holes in your sheet rock, or rip the fabric with thumb tacks, just to keep prying eyes out. You can achieve a classy look and the confidence of a job well done when you choose to put in your own curtain rods.


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