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Curtain Styles

Updated on November 28, 2010

America is addicted to watching Home and Garden TV, and we have all become shade-tree home interior designers from viewing the shows continuously. The number one area when they are doing a quick home staging for the programs like “Designed To Sell”, or the “The Unsellables”, are adjusting or exchanging the window treatments currently hanging in the client’s home. Curtain styles make or break a room’s interior design appeal. The best ideas come from when the show’s designer is doing a makeover, and they are mostly using ready made curtains, and adding some accessories to give a unique and often more appealing design.

Curtains Styles For The Whole House

The curtains styles that run throughout the house do not have to be the same color, but using the same type will still help tie the home’s interior together. For example, using Roman shades on every window gives the home a uniformity, but centering the shades with eyelet curtain panels of different shades depending on which room will give the window treatment a more professional and thought out appearance. Adding a matching valance will often add a more luxurious and welcoming aura to the room as well. Making throw pillows from the same curtain fabric as the curtain panels, for your sofa or chairs will also help blend the room’s design.

Smaller homes that have an open floor plan will look smaller if the each room is theme differently and the best advice is to have a common denominator that is applied to each window. By creating a top panel that will hang with your eyelet curtains, and blends with each color of the curtain panels all over the house, it will give off the appearance of a larger space. Using the same fabric for accessories pillows, dust ruffles, etc. Subtle changes go a long way when incorporating drapery into each application of a home. Less is always more, and more in tiny steps will go a lot further in making an appealing room design.

Curtain Fabric and Colors

Curtain colors can drastically stand out if you select bright color over your muted furniture, walls, and floor coverings so take it easy and just try to blend instead of overwhelm. If you are having furniture reupholstered, buy some extra material from your upholstery company that matches. Use this to make a valance or two for your living room windows. Then match the curtain panels to the rest of the room for a very custom designed look. Curtain design is not hard, but can be a little confusing making selections. The best way is to make sure you can return the window dressings if they do not look right once installed. You may have to make a couple of exchanges before getting it right, but in the end you will have the style you want.

Curtain Styles - Romain Shades

Roman shades are inexpensive and come in many designs, fabrics, and styles that will match your room.
Roman shades are inexpensive and come in many designs, fabrics, and styles that will match your room.


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