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Curtain Tie Backs: Get Big Buck Looks for a Little Buck Price

Updated on August 29, 2010

When the urge to redecorate comes on strong, there isn't always the money to realize a total transformation of your room. One smart way to give a room a new look and flavor without breaking the bank is to change window treatments. A new color or style can refresh the whole room. To add another popular design element, many redecorators are opting for curtain tie backs to finish the look and add a decorative touch.

These fasteners can be anything from Amish handcrafted metal, to gorgeous tassels in strikingly rich colors. A glance around the Internet will show you a universe of styles that will match any curtain you care to acquire. Whether the choice is feminine, frilly chintz or a bold tartan plaid, you can easily find the tie back that goes with your curtains like a dream.

For those home decorators on a budget who are also talented at sewing, they can hang new looks from every window for even less money. As the natural, organic look is now all the rage, the canny do it yourselfer can buy muslin and, with just a bit of simple seaming and hemming, make nice panels. These can go onto decorative rods, or if preferred, hung with rings. Now for a final touch of decorating magic, polish the kook with a wonderful pair of just-right tie backs. They can attach to the wall in a jiffy with just a couple of screws. Since the curtains cost so little, why not splurge on some really nice holders?

To expand on the natural theme, there are many wrought iron curtain tie backs that will complete an elegant or traditional look really nicely. There are also several leaf designs readily available that are artfully done. You can find different beautifully wrought flowers; even dear little acorns that look like they were forged by elves as an accent. The celestial look, with stars, moons, and suns, would be very fitting with the natural theme as well.

Bargain ready-made panels are given a more expensive looking lift with the right kind of tie backs. This kind of fabric could be just asking for an opulent pair of tassel tie backs for curtains. Fat, gold tone tassels against deep jewel-colored fabric are classy as well as classic.

The varieties of tassels that are readily available are a decorator's dream. Beaded tassels abound, from small shiny rhinestone types woven into the tassels themselves to larger pretty beads at the end of each tassel strand. There are frilly organza tassels that just about defy description, in a rainbow of colors. For those with less ornate taste, there are natural cotton tassels with wooden beads that could be just the finishing touch you’re looking for.

With decorating inspiration and just-right tie backs, you can do a totally new window decor that everyone will admire at a price no one would believe.


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