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Cushion covers - all the info you need

Updated on September 16, 2009

Cushion covers beautify and add a private touch to your house. The way you go about purchasing cushion covers is truly a matter of preference. Nowadays you can find a cushion cover in a variety of gorgeous fabrics and designs to suit each pallet. Cushion covers are required in several parts of your house.

It might be for your bed, your settee set in the drawing room, your reading arm chair or an informal seating arrangement in your garden. There are certain things you should remember while purchasing cushion covers. Firstly look to buy cushion covers depending on the scale of the cushions, or else covers look extremely tacky if they do not fit comfortably around the cushion.

Second one should buy covers depending on the remainder of your upholstery so they match and do not look misplaced in the area where they're located. Thirdly it is important you purchase fabrics that are simple to upkeep and colors which reinforce the look of the area where the cushions are being placed.

Cushion covers are available in different fabrics and different designs. The most usually used fabrics are cotton and raw silk.

Other materials which make fine looking cushion covers are linen, velvet, jute, viscose and rayon. Cotton cushion covers are up to date while raw silk cushion covers add to the glamour and style of your house. With jute one can experiment in earthy bases and wonderful embroidery to offer a contemporary richness to the area.

While the market is flooded with countless designs and different fabric based cushion covers; some unique sofa cushion covers are available online at great costs.

Web stores collect different kinds of cushion covers from all around the world and display them with full specs to provide complete client satisfaction. For people that are looking to redecorate their house on the cheap there's also the choice of making your own.

Stitching couch cushion covers is simple it's merely a square and you can make the closure as easy or baroque as you need. You may also add piping for that special touch. For the fabric, you may use almost anything. In general the standard cushion size is a sixteen in. square; you can check yours by removing it from its cover and measuring it. Do not simply measure across ensure you measure all of the way to the seam, as you want to make allowance for the cushion width. When you have the measurement, add an inch to the width for seam allowance and closure. How much you add to the height relies on what kind of closure you'll be using. A vital thing to bear in mind is that you will need two pieces of fabric this size for each cushion cover.

Once you have all of your materials cut to length it’s really just a matter of facing the two good sides of the material squares together and double stitching three of the four sides together. Once this is done you have to decide which type of closure device you are going to use with the three choices being zip, buttons or Velcro.

Depending on which closure method you decide to use for your cushion covers the procedure will vary a little at this point however the theory remains the same, you will want to iron the seam of the open edge to form a sharp line and then attach the closing device to either side.


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