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Custom Glass Shower Doors

Updated on January 17, 2011

If you have thrown everything you have to your lavish dream home, then you should go the extra mile when it comes to bathrooms. Comfort rooms are simply that—rooms of comfort. You may have the most technologically-advanced living room or home theater but there’s no question you will spend more time in the comfort room than in that.

Talking about all-out bathrooms will surely lead you to custom glass shower doors. If you want the extreme in expression, then plain glass shower doors simply will not do. Glass is an obviously luxurious and class object, and the more you can make do with it, the more ingenious your room looks.

First, let's look at a plain glass shower door

The photo on the right is what a straight-up, plain glass shower door looks like. Sure it looks nice—others would even argue that it is classy. Other might also say that simple is beautiful and, while all of these are true and might suit a particular design in mind—say, minimalist—a little design will go a long way. The design need not be outrageous, or over-the-top which means it can still cope up with most modern, minimalist-style designs.

Now, let's look at how a little customization can go a long way. Read on to see some custom glass doors.

Now let's start looking at some custom glass shower doors

The first example on the right is how a simple, yet customized glass door can look like. The design features two popular customization options—bent or curved glass and opaque engraving. The circular design alone can stand as a bathroom centerpiece. The engraved butterfly design effectively accents an otherwise plain-looking glass.

The next two samples are what you can achieve with simple glass etching. The first is for single-dimension glass doors for showers where the other three sides are walled.

Unlimited customization

The next two photos are some examples of how far you can go with customization. The first example shows a single-side door style with etching spanning the whole door. This style also works well for setups where privacy is a concern, as would need not opt for a boring opaque or solid material for a door.

The next and final photo is how a no-limit, full-cover customization can look like. Again in this example, privacy is an issue and the design not only entails artistic work, but ensures privacy for whoever will be inside the shower. Designs like these are also easy to maintain because the glass is not continues, therefore less water stains will be present or visible.

How to start and where to source custom glass doors

If you are interested in getting custom work done for your showers, the first place you should ask is your contractor. This is especially for those who are currently having their houses built. A contractor usually has a lot of contacts and he or she can get you discounts to custom glass makers, not to mention understand by heart the requirements needed for your bathroon.

If you are planning a remodel, make sure you coordinate with whoever custom glass maker you choose with your architect and contractor. It would be a waste of time and resources to finally get the glass work and find out that it does not fit.

Finally, getting custom glass work done is simple. First and foremost you can search for custom glass builders, sans the word "shower" and and client-friendly contractor can adhere to the size and shape of your finalized glass doors. If you are fine with semi-custom, none one-off glass doors with designs, you can start searching for glass shower doors. Anyway, good luck with your quest and hit the comments below if you run into any problems.


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