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Custom Modular Prefab Mansion Built in 36hrs? Haven Homes can do it!

Updated on May 9, 2011
Haven Homes Alcorn Floor Plan
Haven Homes Alcorn Floor Plan

Haven Homes has production facilities in South Carolina and Pennsylvania can can custom build you a mansion in pretty much any state east of the Mississippi. They make prefabricated houses to your specific tastes and specifications and come assemble the Haven Homes wherever you have got the real estate. Here is a video of one such Haven Home mini mansion being constructed in just 36 hours.

Haven Homes 36 Hour Mini Mansion

Haven Homes even offers green building plans for the environmentally conscious. They have build entire planned communities of Haven Homes, which probably took longer than 36 hours but it still really cool and is a modern marvel of efficiency. Haven Homes also has commercial and multi-family developments for the business minded investors with no time to spare waiting for their business to be constructed.  They have literally 1000s of floor plans to choose from so you wont look like a cookie cutter house, like all the track homes built in the 40s and even now a days there are entire neighborhoods of the same floor plan built.  Many Haven Homes floor plans are under $100,000 to build which is great in this economy.  What would we all do with out this awesome modern home building technology?


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