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Custom Rural | Vandal | Snow Plow | Resistant Mail Boxes

Updated on April 12, 2012
Vandal Resistant powder coated metal
Vandal Resistant powder coated metal
Swing arm to make any mail box snow plow resistant.
Swing arm to make any mail box snow plow resistant.
Heavy duty vandal and snow plow resistant mail box with swing arm and post protector.
Heavy duty vandal and snow plow resistant mail box with swing arm and post protector.

Custom Amish Made Mailboxes are attractive and vandal resisitant

Living in the rural areas and having your mail delivered by the US Mail Postman can either be blessing or a curse. For those who enjoy seeing the post man’s car coming down the lane after a long hard winter with the latest garden and seed catalogs it is probably a blessing.

For those who are routinely running to town to buy an new mail box it is probably a curse, especially if you are often subjected to replacing the box after base ball bat swinging vandals are taking bets on how many attempts it will take to knock it off the post or the snow plow driver frequently over shoots the edge of the road and clips off your mailbox.

If you need to find a more durable mail box or you just want to dress up the drab driveway entrance these custom Amish made rural mail boxes from Cottage Craft Works just might fix you up.

The diamond plate aluminum comes in standard and jumbo sizes as well as one made from heavy duty aluminum tread plate as vandal resistant.

A standard size vandal resistant mailbox made of thick powder coated metal is also available, and from a distance it looks just like a standard black mailbox.

The heavy duty diamond plate vandal resistant mailbox is pictured at the bottom of the page. This mailbox is shown with the swing away snow plow arm, and the diamond post protector. This provides both a vandal and snowplow resistant mailbox.

For those who live in the Northern states prone to snow plows there is even a swing away mail box arm the will swing the mail box to the side when it is hit on the side.

Diamond plate mail boxes shine when headlights hit them making them more visible after dark.

If you like the look of custom wood mail boxes there are two types of wood barn options one has a single standard size box and the combo has a side porch for newspapers. Wooden mailboxes come in a variety of paint and trim colors.

You can find these Amish made rural mailboxes at Cottage Craft Works,

Cottage Craft Works is an online general store full of creative products made mostly by the Amish.


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