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Custom Wall Clocks

Updated on June 15, 2016

There are many types of custom wall clocks from which to choose, including decorative, retro, contemporary and transitional clocks.

For example, decorative wall clocks is a general term describing a design which may have a look using scrolls, various stained woods and earth tone colors. Adding this type of wall clock in a traditional decor is a way to add something different and special to a room.

Retro custom wall clocks tend to have more straight line designs with geometrical shapes such as circles, triangles and straight lines. They also have color schemes with softer pastel colors like greens, pinks and blues. These types of custom wall clocks tend to have a fun type of look and are perfect for retro-styled spaces. For example, retro wall clocks would look great in a old-fashioned 1960's diner.

Custom Wall Clocks Fig. 1
Custom Wall Clocks Fig. 1
Metal Wall Clocks Fig. 2
Metal Wall Clocks Fig. 2


Joseph Ferris is an award-winning artist who has been designing custom wall clocks as well as all other types of metal art and wall sculptures for home or business for more than 20 years.

You can check out more of Joe's work at Artistic, or contact him via email at or call him at 561-302-4330.

Custom Clocks Fig. 3
Custom Clocks Fig. 3

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Contemporary wall clocks are very similar to retro clocks however they tend to have a newer type of feel. The main difference is the actual shapes themselves and differences in the colors. In the photos to the right (Figures 1 & 2) are custom wall clocks that would be described as contemporary style clocks.

These pieces are clean with simple design shapes such as circles, triangles, and various geometric patterns. The primary colors are bold and really make a statement. The high contrast in bright colors is what makes these clocks really stand out and be true conversation pieces.

These designs would be considered contemporary since they have a "newer" design feel to them as opposed to a retro wall clock design, which would suggest a more 60's pastel colored styling.

Transitional custom wall clocks offer a truly unique design characteristic. They work perfectly in either a contemporary or traditional styled home. The reason for this is because when done correctly, this type of custom wall clock will use the simple shapes and patterns of a contemporary wall clock and the colors, which are typically earth tones, of a traditional style piece.

When properly designed, this can be very exciting. The photo in figure 3, shows a clock that is a good example of a transitional piece. It has a very simple shape and design suggesting a contemporary design and with the earth tone colors blended together, it makes a good choice for many of the more traditional styled homes. In addition to that, the brushed aluminum metals allow it to work in the more popular kitchen designs where stainless steel appliances are more prominent.

A new term has recently surfaced in describing custom wall clocks as "funky". Funky wall clocks are usually fun in design using wiggly lines, odd shapes, and bright vivid colors. They are very busy with many design elements all hopefully working together to create a fun "happy" feel to the overall design. These types of custom wall clocks also use a variety of colors with no real limits, so no matter what type of custom clock you select to fit you interior, it's bound to be a great addition.

Adding a custom wall clock to any interior decor can be an excellent way to add just the right design touch to your home. Having an artist specially design a wall clock to fit a specific interior has many benefits. One, it allows the designer to follow the colors and theme already established in a given home and two, it allows the client to have input if they so choose, in the design process which opens up the creative pathway for the possibility of the perfect piece.

Specially designed custom wall clocks are usually very unique and visually stimulating and are almost always designs that are simply not available in stores or shopping malls. Whatever your interior design space is, having someone design a custom piece ensures that it will be the right clock for the right space.

Here is a simple checklist to use to determine what type of custom wall clock would work best for your home.

  • Determine your overall design scheme. Is it contemporary, modern, retro or traditional?
  • Look at the color of your walls and choose a color scheme that will contrast, yet go with that color. For example, if your wall happens to be primary yellow, go with other primaries colors as the main tones such as red, blue and green and use yellow accent shapes to tie it all in.
  • Measure the space where the piece is going to go making sure to leave enough room around the clock so the piece doesn't look squeezed in. Giving your new piece of art room to breathe will help it to show better.
  • Select an artist who designs and creates clocks in your style.
  • Go for it and most of all have fun! The right custom clock in the right location should make you feel great or at least bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

People often wonder where artists get their inspiration to create such beautiful and unique designs. That is truly a question that has no simple answer. Sometimes an artist, looking to design a custom wall clock may study various other artist designs and come up with his or her own unique style. It could also be as simple as just driving down the road and seeing something that sparks an idea.

Other artists tend to sketch their designs out on paper before attempting to start a project while others like to use existing shapes and patterns already available. All of these practices are based on one fact, that most or all creative people seem to have a inner instinct about what will work as a good design and what won't. Some are born with this talent and some develop it over time, but all seem to have this creative gift.

Wherever this talent comes from, having an expert create a beautiful custom wall clock for your home in any type of decor is sure to be a conversation piece
for many years to come.


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