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Buy Custom Wall Letters Online

Updated on June 1, 2011

Where Can I Buy Custom Wall Letters?

Custom wall letters are a great way to decorate especially in a baby's or child's room. You can buy custom wall letters for a specific name and they come in a variety of patterns or colors.

Wall letters that spelling out a name look so cute over the baby's crib or a todder's little headboard. Imagine your child's name as part of the room decor. How cute is that?

Buying customized or personalized wall letters is a very economical way to give the room a unique look. The wall appliques are easy to place and simple to remove if you want to rearrange or change the room decor. You can also buy custom wall letters in other material most commonly in wood.

If you look online you will find a great selection of wall letters. Ordering online is simple and once you pay, the item is shipped right to your home.

Custom Wall Letters On Ebay

Ebay is an awesome site to find a great price on wall lettering. You will find a large selection of custom made letters for decorating.

If you have never shopped on Ebay before it really is a great place to shop. You can get some really great deals on all kind of decorating projects.

I have listed some of the wall letters that are for sale right now on Ebay. The current prices are also listed which often gives you an idea of the final selling price.

It is very easy to shop on Ebay. You simply pick out the items you want, bid on it and if you are the winning bidder the item will be shipped right to your home.

Reasons To Buy Custom Wall Letters:

  • Custom wall letters make a great baby gift. It will be a one of a kind gift.
  • Personalized wall letters can be given as a wedding or wedding shower gift. The last name can be used as a focal point for a photo collection.
  • Custom wall letters would be a fun graduation gift for someone leaving for college. Its a great way to personalize their dorm.
  • Little preschoolers learn how to spell their name by using wall letters.

Whatever the reason you want to buy letter decor, its a fun and easy way to decorate and Ebay offers some great prices. Have fun shopping.

Custom Wall Letters
Custom Wall Letters

Other Resources For Babies

Custom wall letters are a great baby gift and you can also buy a Baby Nursery Basket if you are looking for another idea.


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