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Cutlery Knife Sets

Updated on September 2, 2010

Cutlery knife sets for professional food preparation that’s fast and efficient

Eating is a pleasurable experience when dining in restaurants and hotels, which make ordinary people, ask: what could be the secret to well-prepared food?
Besides the chef’s ingenuity in the kitchen, there seems to be something more that adds to its success.
The answer is high quality cutlery knife sets; it is the one that makes food preparation professional.

Using good cutlery knife sets are essential tools in the kitchen that every cook or homemaker must have.
One of the essential tools in the kitchen for food preparation is the knife. A cutlery set is composed of different types of kitchen knives. It is important to decipher various knives’ purpose to fully appreciate its function.
Meat knives are more durable than the ones used for fruits and vegetable. Boning knives, preferably used for ham and beef roast have 6 inch blades.
Cleavers on the other hand are used for pounding and chopping. The chef knife is considered to be an all purpose knife because it can be utilized for slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping.

cutlery knife sets
cutlery knife sets

Knives especially created for Specific Function

There are knives that are especially created for specific function, such as the cheese knife, butter knife and the clam knife. Other knives are specifically created for deveining shrimps and cutting frozen foods. It must be kept in mind that using the right kind of knife while preparing food results to more efficiency and safety. A lettuce knife is made from plastic so the lettuce leaves won’t turn into brown once served for salads. A concern that should be considered when buying cutlery knife sets is safety. Blunt knives can cause more harm than good and would also destroy the quality of meat being prepared. Certain knives, like the Japanese sushi knife must be sharp that it can still present a wonderful appearance when it goes through the meat.

High quality cutlery knife sets can make an ordinary food presentation look professional. For the best and high quality cutlery sets, go to our website.


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