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Cutlery Storage

Updated on September 2, 2010

Cutlery items are indispensable to any household that’s why they should be stored properly. These items such as knives help up prepare our meals Spoon and forks should be sanitized carefully since we often insert them in our mouths. When cutlery is not stored properly, they could lead to tarnishing or even gather moisture which can breed bacteria. It’s important to store cutlery properly because dirty and unsanitary cutlery can cause illness.
Washing the cutlery thoroughly is the first basic step of proper storing of cutlery. Fork and spoons must be hand-washed although they are dishwasher safe. Knives should be hand-washed instead of being placed in the dishwasher so they can be more durable. Cutlery has a lot of benefits when it is hand-washed because it can clean hard-to-reach places that dishwasher cannot.

Cutlery Storage
Cutlery Storage

Knives should be cleaned thoroughly. Make sure that the knives are not soaked in the sink for long periods of time, for this can be a dangerous practice. Knives can cause injuries to the owner, and it can also damaged itself. Some knives that have wooden handles can loosen up due to long exposure to water. When it’s time to use them, loose knife handles can seriously injure the user. Another important fact about storing cutlery like knives is washing them completely after using them on oranges or any acidic food.

Acid can cause pitting and discoloration on steel. It’s also important to wipe knives after washing them since moist cutlery breeds bacteria too. This practice dulls the knife so don’t just store them in drawers. Knives can be stored in special treys that fit inside a drawer. Knives can maintain its sharp edge, and can last a long time if stored in these knife treys. Also, knives can be kept away from children when they are locked in cabinets. Also, knife blocks can improve cutlery storage. By doing so, knives are easily accessible and their edges and point are kept sharp.

Even delicate cutlery can extend its shelf life if stored properly. Check out other accessories that can aid in storing cutlery properly. 


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