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Italian Cypress Trees

Updated on February 9, 2012

Ancient Roman columns in Aquileia - Italy

I love these Italian Cypress among the ancient Roman Colomns in Italy.
I love these Italian Cypress among the ancient Roman Colomns in Italy. | Source

Italian Cypress Trees - A Favorite Tree

Italian Cypress Trees and Some Family Stories

Italian Cypress trees are truly one of my favorite trees. I grew up with them around my house in California, but love them wherever I see them. They make a great landscaping statement as well. They bring a lot of vertical form and emphasis to any place they are grown.

I have seen them used as a divider of sorts between people's yards. They can be great as a "live fence" around one's property. One of the most beautiful ways I have seen them displayed is when we drove up to Hearst Castle as part of our summer vacation one year. They lined the winding path up the hill to the castle. They make a great edging with a huge statement, in this regard.

If you think back to places or photos you have seen of Italy, like in Tuscany and in parts of Greece, etc, you can imagine these lovely trees growing. A wonderful evergreen, you can't go wrong with them, in my opinion. The only downside I know of, is that as a kid, I couldn't climb this particular tree, but it was forgiven. We managed to make a game around two of these trees growing close together. It was a kind of tag game, and we had so much fun.

My father loved these trees, and they planted one near my grandparents grave after they passed away. In fact, they snuck in this little baby Italian Cypress tree, and planted it right by their grave. It didn't get any attention. Forty years later, after my father just passed away, that tree is huge and gorgeous! He is now buried right there. I have to admit, that I was brought to tears, when I saw where his grave was situated, exactly. The tree is right there, closer to his than my grandparents. It is very touching, and he would be so happy.

In the past, when we went to that huge cemetery, that tree stood as a marker, a way to find these particular grave sites. So it became special and loved all the more. Now, when I look back and see photos, I am so touched by the whole thing.

My Family Genealogy

I am part Italian, and have thoroughly enjoyed tracing my ancestors back along with some of my other relatives. We know where my family is from in Italy, more in the countryside not all that far from Naples. I have to wonder if the love of these Italian Cypress trees goes way back, to those days. That, and the love of citrus trees as well. I know they had many groves of citrus and enjoyed that very much. I think it is what much of the appeal of California was for my family, back in the 1950s.

Future Italian Cypress

In my garden, I hope to plant some Italian Cypress trees very soon. Evidently they can grow here as seen in the second photo. We may need a particular variety however. I think they would do very nicely around my butterfly garden, and offset some of the breeze that can come and which the butterflies don't like.

I would plant them for their tall columnar form, and gentle beauty alone. They are a beautiful tree.

Basic Facts about Landscaping with these lovely trees

Italian Cypress give a great presence and height to foundation planting around any home. They have the added benefit of not taking up a lot of room.

They can make a huge transformation out of an ordinary landscape, and I have found this to be true. They are wonderful and so classy for using in entryways, and to cover up unsightly things. For instance, vertical drain pipes on a house, or to soften the corners around a house. Like I said before, they make great property dividers.

I have seen these trees planted in large pots to help frame the entry area to one's home. They look equally elegant around a pool or patio area in a backyard.

Italian Cypress can grow almost anywhere. I would check with a local grower to make sure you are getting the best variety. They adapt to a variety of soils, and are known for resisting frost damage. That is something I need. Perhaps the reason they can thrive in California, even along freeways, is because they are known to resist smog damage as well.

Planting trees is always good for our environment and good for local wildlife as well. For those spots that many trees will not work for whatever reason, why not consider an Italian Cypress?

Italian Cypress Trees in Art

Italian Landscape with Cypresses
Italian Landscape with Cypresses | Source


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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Anglnwu, I love them for hedges and fences. One source said they do grow fast. In fact, it said it can grow 2-3 feet in a year. That is relatively fast, and I used to think they grew slower than that.

      Thank you for visiting my hub on Italian Cypress trees, and thanks for your comment and question.

    • anglnwu profile image


      6 years ago

      They do make beautiful hedges and fences. Do they grow fast? Thanks for sharing.


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