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Dyson DC41 Versus DC65 - What's the Difference Between Them?

Updated on July 23, 2014

Like many are you a bit confused over the differences between the Dyson DC41 and DC65? It is understandable really, given that they do actually share a lot of features in common such as design, shape, weight etc.

But, all you really have to think about it is like the Dyson DC65 is an enhanced version (mainly just in terms of vacuuming cleaning performance) of the Dyson DC41 and you will pretty much have got the idea of the differences between them spot on.

Below, we will discuss the finer points in detail as well as clear up any confusion over the versions of the DC41 and DC65 e.g. how does the DC41 Animal Complete compare to the DC65 Animal Complete. You will soon realize the differences aren't actually all that vast.

Dyson DC41 Versus DC65 Comparison Table

Dyson DC41
Dyson DC65
Cleaner Head
Self Adjusting
Reconfigured, Self Adjusting
44.4" x 13.4" x 15.4" (H x W x D)
42.4" x 13.4" x 15.4" (H x W x D)
Bin Capacity
0.55 gallons
0.55 gallons
17.1 lbs
17.35 lbs
Dyson Ball
Suction Performance
235 Air Watts
245 Air Watts
Max Reach
51.7 ft
51.7 ft
Cyclone Technology
Radial Root Cyclone
Radial Root Cyclone
HEPA Filters
A comparison of the differences & similarities between the DC41 and DC65.

So as you can see a lot of the features actually are exactly the same as one another. They both take on the same body design, they look the same, are the same size etc. Both the DC41 and DC65 incorporate the famous Dyson ball technology -- allowing you to essentially turn on a dime -- which is miles ahead of the current rigid four wheel vacuum cleaners that you have to drag back and forth to get around tight corners.

There is a slight difference in the mobility regard though and that is the weight difference between the two (for reasons you will find out later) the DC65 is 0.25 lbs heavier than the DC41. Is this significant? No. But, it should be noted that it is indeed heavier.

Ok let's breakdown what the features mean. Firstly, the cleaner head. It is self adjusting on both the DC41 and DC65, this is referring to the fact that it will either raise itself (for soft flooring) or lower (for hard flooring) automatically, this allows for a more optimal clean, through reducing the air channels (hence less suction escapes).

It is also here, where the DC65 has been significantly improved over the DC41 to the claimed extent of twenty five percent and which in turn makes the Dyson DC65 the most powerful vacuum cleaner that has ever been on the domestic market. Specifically the"reconfigured Brush Bar has 25% more power to drive the bristles deeper into the carpet and remove more dirt and debris". This is what makes the DC65 that much better than the DC41 and this is the factor that is price difference between the two essentially.

Air Watts Suction Performance

Another slight difference when it comes to the cleaning performance is that the already very powerful 235 Air watt suction that the DC41 offers is bettered by a further ten air watts with the DC65. Now air watts aren't the be all and end all, when it comes to cleaning your flooring but it is a significant factor. This increase in power combined with the more efficient cleaner head, allows the DC65 to well and truly trump its predecessor -- you can see from the vacuum cleaner face off between the DC41 and DC65 below.

Like I said above, all the other features remain pretty much the same with regards to design and this applies to practical specifications too such as the large bin capacity of over 2 liters as well as the extensive cleaning reach of over 50 ft (this is combining both the cord length which measures thirty five feet in length as well as the hose at just under 17 ft).

Tools, Attachment s& Accessories

Now this is where it gets a little interesting. With the Multi floor, Animal and Animal complete versions of the respective Dyson vacuum cleaners comes a different set of accessories (see here for the DC65 Vs Animal Vs Animal Complete and here for the DC41 Vs Animal Vs Animal Complete specifically) -- different versions don't however impact the above specifications given above.

Multi Floor

With the Dyson DC41 Multi floor you are provided with a combination tool & stair tool. The same also goes for the Dyson DC65 multi floor.


Now slightly different for the Animal, here you get all the above items that come with the mutli floor but you also get the frankly quite epic tangle free turbine tool (this is all for the DC41 Animal). With the DC65 Animal, you also get a soft Dyson brush tool for use on delicate surfaces.

Animal Complete

This is pretty much the ultimate version of the DC41 and DC65. You get all the above plus a Dyson stiff bristle brush, flexi crevice tool, up top tool ,a Dyson tool bag, Zorb maintenance cleaning powder and much more too. The bigger bundle you buy obviously, the greater the savings you make compared to if you were to buy all the gear separately.

What Does Each Tool Do?

1. Combination tool -- this is basically a crevice tool that you can stick on the end of your telescope hose to get into to cleaning tight and awkward gaps. It also comes with a brush nozzle on the end of it for powered dusting essentially.

2. Stair tool -- pretty self explanatory really, but a tool that's designed to clean stairs -- it is tightly edged so can effectively clean vertical surfaces as well as horizontal ones.

3. Tangle free turbine tool -- pretty much the best pet hair tool around, if your house suffers with a lot of pet hair that's been left around, you will absolutely adore what this can do for you.

4. Dyson soft bristle brush -- is for cleaning dust and dirt from delicate surface areas (e.g. tv screens), so you don't have to fear scratching or damaging them.

5. Dyson stubborn dirt brush -- this has an array of tough nylon bristles attached around its edge and acts to remove dug in dirt from carpets essentially through propping up dirt and flicking it to release, then the suction of the Dyson will deposit it, right into the bin.

6. Flexi crevice tool -- basically just an enhanced version of the combination tool.

7. Up top tool (aka as multi-angle tool) -- allows you to do effective cleaning on the tops of shelves and cupboards without having to get chairs out and stand on them etc.

8. Zorb Maintenance Cleaning powder -- is for removing stains within carpets without the need to ever get the carpet wet.

Note: you can buy a whole range of additional and official Dyson tools as well, such as car cleaning kits, asthma & allergy kits all designed to improve the cleaning functionality of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Should You Buy the DC41 or DC65?

So it comes back to the DC41 Vs DC65. But, there is one thing we haven't actually compared yet and that is the price of the two models. Typically speaking, the DC65 should be a lot more expensive compared to the DC41, however you will actually find with a bit of savvy shopping this is not the case.

Obviously, the multi floor is the cheapest version of both the DC41 and DC65 -- then comes the animal version and finally the Animal complete. So for examples sake, we compare the DC41 Animal complete and DC65 Animal complete, there is only a difference in price of around $30 to $60 and in which case for me it makes perfect sense to go with the DC65 model given that it is a better overall vacuum and it is certainly worth the difference in price between the two, that's for sure.

Which Would You Get the DC41 or DC65?

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