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DEWALT DCD970KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch XRP Lithium-Ion Hammerdrill Review

Updated on November 25, 2010

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"The 3-speed gearing is what makes this DeWalt drill more outstanding than other manufacturing brands. The availability of gear changing makes it through situations where my Hitachi, Milwaukee, and Makita might shut down or overheat."

"I've alway been a DeWALT man, and this one is the best I've ever had so far. The rotating 360 degree side handle even makes the work easier. Much better balance, long-run time, and smooth gear chaining than the old model."

"Very satisfied with the long battery life. Definitely better than my other bi-metal saw which easily runs out of battery after a short time of work."

“I bought this on Amazon and couldn’t be happier. It was the cheapest buy I could find.”

Still looking for the best drill ever? Have too many drills for different working purposes? Feel an inconvenience while changing tools between driving a screw and cutting a hole? Need a more powerful drill for a tough job? Then the DEWALT DCD970KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch XRP Lithium-Ion Hammerdrill would be your best choice ever!

The DEWALT 18-Volt 1/2-Inch XRP Lithium-Ion Hammerdrill provides excellent values for your work. Powered by XPR Nano Phosphate Li-Ion battery, the DeWALT 18-Volt guarantees a long-lasting battery life and durability. DeWALT uses the best technology of Li-Ion battery that keeps the power stable until the last second. A stunting feature of 3-speed gearing allows you to smartly apply the drill to various working situations. Just change the gear and you can properly drive screw or bore a hole. All-metal transmission and 1/2" self-tighten chuck matches a tough job and lasts a long time. A LED worklight on the front enhances your vision in a dark place. A maximum 450 unit watt motor delivers a heavy-duty power for high-efficiency, high-performance drilling or fastening tasks. Compact size, ergonomic design with a 360-degree rotating side handle improves control and safety. The DEWALT DCD970KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch XRP Lithium-Ion Hammerdrill kit is a valuable package that includes two batteries, a charger, and a case.


  • XPR Nano Phosphate Li-Ion battery provides a long-run power
  • 3-speed gearing applies to various working situations
  • Front LED worklight enhance a better vision
  • All-metal transmission and 1/2" self-tighten chuck
  • 450 unit watts motor gives high performance


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