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DIY Cheap Curtains from Sheets

Updated on October 26, 2016

Window Decor

Make beautiful curtains without breaking the bank!

Curtains possess a magical ability that many people overlook. What is this ability you ask? Curtains can completely transform an entire room simply by existing.

The Power of Curtains

Instead of buying new furniture, painting an entire room, or spending a large sum of money on new decorations, changing the curtains in a room can breathe a new life into your living space. Plus, curtains generally cost less than $50, whereas buying an entirely new furniture set could run upwards of several thousand dollars.

DIY Curtains

If you like to switch up your living space quite frequently, spending $50 for every new set of curtains can become expensive. In some cases, finding curtains to fit your living space can be challenging.

Sticking to pre-cut or pre-measured curtain styles can limit your freedom to decorate your space how you choose. Instead of buying curtains from the store, you can use bed sheets to make your own curtains at home!

Bed Sheet Curtains

What you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Two twin flat sheets
  • Straight Pins
  • Needle & Thread (a sewing machine works well for this project)
  • ½ Inch Ribbon

The best part of making your own curtains is that you get to decide the pattern and color of the sheets. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the curtains being long enough to cover the average-sized window.

1. Measure the Window

The first step you need to take is to measure your window. If you don’t already have a curtain rod attached to your wall (you will need to purchase a curtain rod and screws or fasteners) determine how high you want the curtains to go on the wall. Once you have securely attached the curtain rod to the wall, take the measuring tape and measure the length from the top of the rod to the bottom of the window.

If you wish for your curtains to trail all the way to the floor, measure from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom of the floor – or anywhere in between. The best part about DIY projects is the freedom that the designer has with the project.

2. Hem the Sheet

Take the bed sheets, scissors, needle, and thread (or the sewing machine), and lay them out on a flat surface. Measure the determined length for the bed sheet curtains, and use the needle and thread to hem the bed sheets to the desired length.

3. Stitch the Curtain Holders

Cut the ½ inch ribbon into 3 inch pieces and use the pins to attach the ribbon – approximately 8 inches apart – to the top of the back side of the sheet. These ribbons are going to be the loopholes through which you will thread the curtain rod, so if you have an abnormally thick curtain rod, you should adjust the length of the ribbon pieces accordingly.

Similarly, if you have a very wide window, you may want to use more than one sheet on either side, and you should repeat this process on each sheet.

Tip: If you have a wide and skinny window, you may want to consider stitching the ribbon loopholes along the horizontal edge of the sheet instead of the top vertical edge of the sheet.

Now you have beautifully unique curtains that were designed specifically for your decorating requirements.

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