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DIY- Dead Head Flowers, to Extend the Blooming Time

Updated on June 20, 2011

Fall Flowers - still going strong

Colorful Flowers last until frost, with proper dead heading to extend their life.
Colorful Flowers last until frost, with proper dead heading to extend their life. | Source

Dead Head Spent Blooms

In early spring as gardeners, we can't wait for your flowers to start blooming in the growing season. The bright colors of the flowers make the garden burst with fragrance and color. This is a great time of year for gardeners.

After the first thrill of new life, each growing season, we are adjusting to regular lawn and garden maintenance. Blooms come and go. Some flowers are at their peak in spring, others show off a display of vibrant color later in the season such as summer and finally fall.

But what do you do when you flowers start to look dead and there is still plenty of blooming time left before a killer frost gets them?

To extend the blooming season and to make your flowers healthier, You dead head your flowers regularly.

But wait,What is dead heading? Sounds weird doesn't it!

Well, you gently remove the dead , or spent blooms as they are called, from the plant. the term is called dead heading. But what it does is actually prolong the life of your flowers.

Using a garden trimmer, is one way of removing the dead blooms from your flowers, you can also pinch off some varieties too.

Of course this goes along with regular watering too. Anytime flowers are neglected they die much quicker than if they are maintained as they should be.

If you flowers are annuals, such as marigolds, or zinnias, you will need to start dead heading the flowers around June or July. This will ensure that you have larger plants with more blooms up until frost.

You can determine when the frost season starts and ends by looking at a plant zone chart for your area.

Plant Zone Chart

Get full details about this plant zone chart here.
Get full details about this plant zone chart here. | Source

More Tips

Annuals and perennials benefit from dead heading. Watch the video below, to learn more tips about deadheading your flowers. You can also start more plants from the seeds in the spent blooms.

Roses produce many more blooms when they are cut back after blooming. So cut them back to make them more managable and to keep them blooming longer. Watch the second video about pruning roses for full details.

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How to Dead Head Flowers

Deadheading Roses


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