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DIY, Decorating Light switch & Outlet Covers

Updated on February 7, 2014

Light switch & Outlet covers

These are also referred to as light switch covers or switch plates as well.

If your kitchen is white then you have two choices when it comes to the outlets that can be seen, either leave them white or give them the accent color you are using in your kitchen. Contrasting or complementary is up to you.

The one great thing about outlet covers though are that they are cheap, can be found almost anywhere you can find household things and are an easy fix.

Light switch & Outlet covers

  • Plain, usually white
  • Decorated
  • Functional
  • Complementary
  • Contrasting
  • Metallic

You can find outlet covers already decorated, so matching them to your décor never has to be a chore.

But why buy when you can turn it into an inexpensive craft project that can take as little time as two coats of spray paint.

Complete | Source


What you choose to use has endless possibilities. The choice typically comes down to how much money you want to spend, if you have supplies that will work from another project on hand and if you are willing to try your hand at a very simple craft idea.

What you can use, Ideas

  • Wallpaper
  • paper
  • spray paint
  • paint
  • glue
  • indelible pen
  • fabric
  • duct tape or tape

Everything you use remember will need to be plastic friendly. That means it needs to be able to adhere to the plastic of the outlet cover.

There are also some light switch covers that are pre made and all you have to do is slip your art between layers of a clear plastic and a backing. and attach as usual.

What is your creative craft skill level

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Spray paint

This is one of the simplest ways after maybe, you drawing on the covers, if you have the skill to draw.

Spray painting anything is usually the simplest, but duct tape may be even quicker for this particular project.


  • color
  • texture
  • brand to buy

Prep work

  • cleaning, damp cloth
  • roughing up the surface, sandpaper

Set up space

Protective gear

  • mask
  • gloves
  • long sleeves
  • old clothes
  • old shoes

Where to do it

  • outdoor
  • indoors with good ventilation

Prepping space

  • laying down newspaper or plastic
  • laying out supplies
  • clean rag


This is the time it takes for something to thoroughly dry or set up, that includes glue of any kind and paint.

This just ensures that when you handle it, it is no longer wet, or be damaged through smudging.

The curing time for something varies, but most of the substances you use will give you an idea of how long, when used on what surface.

For me plastic seems to take the longest.


Ready made
Spray paint
Freehand paint
store design
custom design
custom design, handmade
mass produced
no match
exact color, blend
additional feature

Spray paint

I choose to spray paint my outlet covers in my kitchen.

The backsplash is tile. The tile ranges in colors from tan or beige to a brown, so my choices were better than most although for me white was too, too garish.

So I decided to paint them. Quick, convenient and i could use the spray paint in other areas of the home, or in other decorative projects that i had in mind to coordinate everything in my kitchen.

I found what i wanted at Walmart, their hardware section that housed their variety of paints. In the spray paint section i browsed through lots of colors, finishes and textures and decided on a spray paint with a textured finish for plastic in a color that blended quite nicely into the beige family.

It was relatively inexpensive as well.

What i did

  • Removed all the covers
  • Put the screws in a safe place
  • cleaned the covers with a damp cloth, allowing them to dry
  • prepared the outside area and table, with newspaper, topped with plain paper
  • laid the covers side by side
  • prepared the spray paint according to directions
  • sprayed the covers
  • left to dry, cure in the sun

Once dry

  • i waited til they were dried to the touch
  • replaced them
  • stepped back with approval

Although it was a big decorative idea, the simple detail of changing the outlet covers made a difference to me.

It made my kitchen even more decorative and uniquely mine. I am pleased with the small tweak that has made a lasting impression.

Tile back drop
Tile back drop | Source

Follow directions

When using spray paint it is best to follow the manufacturers advice.

Good ventilation,

  • outside / outdoors is best

Wear protective gear,

  • #1 - a mask
  • eye wear, goggles
  • long sleeves


  • lay down paper
  • shake can
  • between layers allow time to dry

Allow to dry / cure for recommended length of time or longer, 24 hours.

My Instructions

  • Pick color
  • Test paint
  • Turn off power
  • Have all supplies handy
  • Remove all outlet covers or light switch covers
  • Put screws in safe place
  • Damp wipe clean covers
  • Use a steady light hand to paint going back and forth
  • Layer the product, 3 to 5 times depending on intensity wanted
  • Allow to dry
  • Replace covers
  • Stand back and admire

Finished decorative outlet cover
Finished decorative outlet cover | Source

What medium would you prefer?

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