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DIY - Decorating Your Garden with Statues

Updated on June 7, 2011

Puppy Statues

Hugging puppies reminds us of our 2 dogs
Hugging puppies reminds us of our 2 dogs | Source

Garden Statues remind us of things we love

Part of the fun of gardening is getting to decorate your garden with treasures that you enjoy.

Each person likes different things in the garden. For the ones that love statuary items in the garden, the selection is limitless.

You can decorate your gardens yourself, and express your love for whatever that interests your with garden statuary.

Some people choose a theme, such as angels, or animals, or people.

That is fine, but there is nothing wrong with mixing it up to reflect your personal style.

You can even decorate with items that have a sentimental valueto you, such as a garden statues that reminds you or a favorite pet or place you have traveled to. Or even use items that were given to you from family or friends.

If you like gargoyles and dragons they are popular too.

Rented Mule

Company mascot displayed in the flower bed
Company mascot displayed in the flower bed | Source

For Example- Notice the photo of the puppies above

These 2 puppies represent our family dogs. We have a Black Lab and and Lab border collie Mix. I bought the statue for my husband for fathers day one year.

All of the children are out of the house, and our pets are our "kids" now. As soon as I saw this garden statue I knew I had to have it.

The dog statue is placed near the entrance of our secret garden. I have even given a new coat of paint once.

There are several other animal statues in the secret garden including one of a dog that is in memory of a family pet that passed away a few years ago. His grave site is there too.

Childhood memories of a pet raccoon, inspired me to buy a raccoon statue for my husband too. He had one when he was a child and has fond memories of his pet raccoon.

Our front lawn has a statue of a Mule - my business name is Rented Mule so the statue serves as our mascot. He is tucked away among flowers at the front of our yard.

Business signs are not allowed in the lawns in my neighborhood, and since I do work from home for myself, the mule is my "sign". The business is web based and does not get walk in traffic, so really a sign is not necessary, but I just love the mule statue.

Choose Statues for Your Gardens

Some garden statues hold baskets so you can also have a planter. I have 2 like this that were given to me and I plant flowers in the baskets.

Choose the garden statues that are right for your yard and enjoy them for years. Concrete statues are heavy and can be left out year round.

If the item holds water like a bird bath, you may want to cover it to keep water from freezing in the bowl during winter months depending on your location.

Resin statues are lightweight and easy to move from one location to another in your gardens.

I take my resin statues in during winter months, but that again is going to depend on your weather conditions.

Locations for your statuary can include around ponds, woods, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, planters.

Place them along with other garden decor you already have in place as an added accent.

Garden statues work out perfectly with natural elements in the landscape such as large stones, logs, branches, and stumps.

I have turtle and frog statues, and fish around a small pond in the secret garden.

I feel this is a better location that having them in the other flower gardens.

Shop online for a huge selection, where you are going to fine something that is perfect for your garden.

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