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DIY - If You Work from Home, and write for Hubpages, You Need to Create a Real Home Office

Updated on June 20, 2011

Create the Perfect Home Office for Your Needs


Build a Home Office, that is Functional

Working from home is a great way to make a living. The benefits far out weigh the drawbacks. Especially when you have a well equipped area that can function as your home office. Get inspired with these ideas for creating the home office of your dreams.

One of the toughest parts of working from home, is having the right set up to use as a home office.

Sharing a bedroom, or using the kitchen table gets old real fast, and keeps you from having the feeling of being a professional business owner. This also makes it hard for your family to take your work at home business seriously too, when your business information is scattered all over the house.

If you own your own business, and work from home, you definitely are in need to a good home office to conduct your daily business tasks.

It really does not matter what type of business you are in, but if you spend alot of time in front of a computer, working online as a writer for Hubpages, or running any online business, you need a good desk, an up to date desktop computer, printer, and comfortable chair as a minimum.

There are lots of other office equipment that could be needed, depending on your individual needs.

But what do you do if you don't have a home office that is functional? The answer is - you build a home office for your work at home business., and you can do it yourself. So that your new home office is exactly the way you want it.

Suggestions for Your New Home Office

Here are some suggestions based on my experience as a web business owner, and DIY er that loves my new home office.

Working from home has many benefits, and a few short comings. One of those short comings is it can be lonely. So, I recommend this solution.

Locate the home office so that it is not completely isolated from the other parts of the house. This idea is particulary good if you have small children that need to be monitored while you work.Yes, you need your privacy, but only when you want it.

Don't create a situation where you feel that you are to far from the other people in the house, or you will feel that you need to leave your office, to see what is going on. Or, to make sure that your children are OK.

Make the space self contained, meaning that once you are in the office, that is the only reason the room is used. It is not a place for family to gather, for other uses. This makes it a real office, in case that you decide to use it as a tax deduction. (Speak with a tax professional regarding home office deductions).

Keep the office neat, clean and organized. This will ad you in your work, and keep the space ready for the next business task without losing time trying to find your items needed to do the job.

Location for Your Home Office

A basement is a great place to locate a new home office. If your basement is already being used for living space, convert a portion of it into a office space.

If you are using the space for storage, change that plan and make a office for your business in the space. Consider creating a casual family room next to the office, so family will not be far away during your work day.

This is what we did, to create our ideal home office.

Our basement was in need of renovation. As part of the basement renovation a home office as planned. This was after trying other locations for the office, for a few years, only to discover that they were not working out for our needs.

A guest bedroom was to isolated and crowded. The dining room was to busy, and I hate the look of mail, and clutter in those areas.

When the basement renovation was planned it started with building a family room. Then a laundry room was added. And the last phase to be completed so far is the new home office.

The new family room was not being used as much as we anticipated before the office was added. I think it was suffering from that, isolated feeling. When it was the only room in the basement that was finished, it was not as appealing.

But once the office was built, the family room is used all the time. It offers a good close location to take a break, relax and rest. It is the most used space in the house now, next to the new home office.

The design for the office included removing the wall between the two rooms. This did three things. It opened the rooms up for better communication, and kept both of them from feeling isolated. It also made both rooms feel larger. That was a great bonus. Anytime a wall comes down,between two rooms, the function is better and the feel is larger too.

Decorating Your New Home Office

When you build your new home office, keep the decor casual and functional as well as good looking.

If the room is open to another room, use a similar color scheme to make the rooms flow better.

The family room in our basement is painted slate green, and brick 6 (a reddish rusty color). The trim is black with gun stock stain. This room has lots of built ins custom made when it was designed. The ceiling has beams and bead board.

The new office has ceramic tile that matches the family room colors, and is the same as the laundry room floor. The walls are painted the same color of green as the family room. And the wood is antique chestnut wainscoting barnwood with chairrail molding, recycled from a barn. The office ceiling has barn beams.

While the wood products are not the exact same as the wood in the family room there are enough similarities to make it work out nice. The painted trim is black like the family room

None of the look of these rooms reminds you of a basement, no dropped ceiling or dark paneling. It is open, appealing and functional.

The barnwood was aquired after the family room was already completed, or it probably would have had some barnwood used in there too.

The desk in the office is builtin and made from oak barnwood. The barnwood desk was left rustic, polyed to protect it and covered with glass to make the desk surface smooth. The builtin shelves above the desk are also made from the same barnwood.

The look of the office is rustic, casual, and very unique. Like other projects around our home, the barnwood is perfect for a this project too. ( I have written other articles for Hubpages about using recycled barnwood around your home).

Using the recycled materials helped to keep the cost down, and added lots of character and a touch of history, to the decor for the office.

The accessories include lots of aminal themed items, because we love your four legged friends and enjoy being with them all the time while in the office.

These are decorating suggestions for your new office, use materials that you like, to create the home office of your dreams. Decorate it with items that you love so you will enjoy spending time working in your office, so you can really enjoy working from home, on your own business doing something you love, like writing for Hubpages.

Share your comments, suggestions, and stories or questions below.


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    • RentedMule profile image

      RentedMule 6 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Thank you WorkAtHomeGal for your comment. That is a great name by the way!

      Smart thinking on your part, about taking advantage of quiet time to get alot of work done. Working at home is so much more rewarding than working for someone else, at their location.

      I like to work at night alot, when it is just me and no other distractions too.

    • WorkAtHomeGal profile image

      WorkAtHomeGal 6 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      I really liked this hub. I unforuntily share my working space with the living room in my apartment. It can be hard if my boyfriend is home and on his computer too but I just try my best not to let anyone distract me. And if I know I am going to be alone at home I take it as a full opportunity to get lots of work done.

      Thanks for posting, I will be reading some more of your hubs :)