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D.I.Y. Interiors That Are Wow!

Updated on May 29, 2020
Michael Nathan PhD profile image

Interior Designer and Registered Architect. Author of the noted Amazon book "Interior Design Naked. How to WOW". - Michael Nathan, Ph.D.

Interior Design Made Easy.
Interior Design Made Easy.

Diy Awesome Interiors

Interior Design seems to be immensely popular today, judging by the proliferation of specific magazines, TV shows, related sites or blogs, experts' videos, etc. Never before had the opportunity to restyle, change, renovate or refresh our interiors, been easier or more affordable. Not to mention the seemingly endless possibilities and materials available. Architects and Interior Designers are the undisputed experts, however, some folks nowadays are choosing the "Do it Yourself" (D.I.Y.) route or approach. In fact, you may tackle your home or office interior space and have amazing results.

When and how

Let's see when and how, as this isn't everyone's cup of tea. Specifically, you can try the D.I.Y. route, under the following circumstances:

  1. You have enough free time to read, research, design your space and follow through.
  2. You have the enthusiasm or the stamina to tackle your own project. In case you lack information, you're willing to research and read in depth the subject. By the way, you should at least be somewhat familiar with the following subjects: History of Interiors, Design Styles, Aesthetics, Materials, and Project Management. Since this is a private project, Building and Health Codes don't apply. Of course, don't assume you may alter the structure or exteriors of your project and get away with it! Use logic.
  3. You have an affinity for interior design, although you're not a certified professional.
  4. You wish to experiment on your own space, discover the field and perhaps decide to study the subject later. Who knows... You may be a natural; perhaps you'll decide to pursue college studies, and eventually become an expert in the field!
  5. You can estimate the total cost of your project. A budget is absolutely necessary. If you're not careful, or logical in this step, you can easily waste money and perhaps end up paying more than a professional's fee.

Which style?

You should have an idea as to what style suits you or fits your personality and lifestyle. There are about a dozen or so styles that are popular or relevant today. However, no one's stopping you if you prefer to focus on the past, such as the pop style. Naturally, if you were a professional designer, more often than not, you would be instructed by the client to pursue a certain style.

So, which is your favorite style? Are you daring, wishing to follow minimalism, or even be cerebral and go Deconstruction (An obscure or challenging style that was at the forefront in the 80s). Are you young, the happy-go-lucky type, preferring Bo-Ho (Bohemian) instead? Wishing to masterfully combine the old (antiques) with new? Then follow eclecticism. Perhaps, you like the country style, such as French Provincial. Or, for the conservative in you, go Traditional or somewhat neo-classical (There's nothing wrong with that, even if you're young!). Let's not forget Modernism, that great contemporary style that transcends time (Remember the famous Bauhaus creed "form follows function"). To really break the status-quo, there's also the avant-garde approach, although this may be challenging for a non-professional. Hopefully you got an idea.

Do it!

Now that we answered "when", let's try to answer "how". The answer is partially hinted above. "Research" and "read" are key words. Also, try to visit interesting interiors and proceed to analyze them. What made the particular space special? What techniques and materials were used to make the result stunning? What was the "Design Concept"?

This brings us to an important idea you need to understand, before you attempt to design or restyle your interiors: Design Concept. This is the idea unifying the various elements of the design, lending coherence to the overall project. Without a Design Concept, everything is sort of entirely subjective, therefore there is no order or aesthetics. Last, but not least, the overall result should be aesthetic (A Greek word, meaning "beauty").

Having been in this field for a while, I have come up with the idea of "Interior Design Made Easy", which is my unique methodology for creating D.I.Y. interiors that are simply WOW. For more on my easy methodology, please read my Amazon Book "Interior Design Naked. How to WOW. Design Principles and Creative Strategies Made Easy for Awesome Interiors" (It was #1 in its category upon its release on 02-2019. Just out as a 2nd. ed.).

Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Interior Design. Have fun!

In case you need a consultation, even if it's in the form of mini advice, please feel free to contact me at my email:

Last, but not least, please feel free to get a preview of my noted AMAZON book, on the link provided. It may really help you. Thanks.

© 2020 Michael Nathan PhD


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