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DIY Modern Living Room

Updated on May 27, 2015

Create a Perfect Setting

Creating the perfect living room atmosphere is easier than you think. First, select the proper modern furniture. To do this, you have to ask yourself a number of pertinent questions. Do I sacrifice comfort over style? What colors do I want to make my living room stand out? What budget do I have?

Today's modern look is more about materials than style as less is more with modern furniture. With clean lines and unique textures, furniture has never been more comfortable or stylish. Quality is a big factor as well, as just about anyone can go down to IKEA, but we all know what kind of quality it will produce. Selecting plantation grown woods and eco friendly features are a bonus in today's green focused society. Not only will these products last longer than MDF or cheaper products, tropical woods have an awesome appearance and stylish modern look.           

Create A Perfect Modern Living Room


Lighting can make up a big portion of modern rooms, as this goes with the green movement. Halogen lights and incandescent lights that have been around seemingly forever are starting to become obsolete, as energy saving systems are becoming more the social norm. Club Lights and EL Wire are both starting to become a popular trend among the modern movement as they are eco friendly, provide an array of colors, and use much less energy than old incandescent systems. These lights provide a modern flare to typical incandescent systems, and have more versatility as well as all around energy savings.

Modern furniture today can be classified as trendy, but this green movement has actually helped out the environment. The days of using products that are non- biodegradable or use harmful chemicals are now a thing of the past. The new movement to eco friendly furniture is here to stay. Bamboo and other plantation woods are becoming a nice addition to the green furniture movement, as they look great, but provide an everlasting quality.Next time you are in the market for new modern furniture, first look at going green, as your choices will be abundant and you may be surprised at your choices.

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