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DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Updated on October 11, 2015
Drop cloth curtains off a natural style that is sturdy and inexpensive
Drop cloth curtains off a natural style that is sturdy and inexpensive

If you have been searching for the perfect set of curtains for french doors, or any window, these DIY drop cloth panels might be the perfect solution for you.

With french doors or large windows, it can be tricky to find the perfect set of curtains that offer style and privacy at a good price.

Blue Hawk Drop Cloths at Lowe's
Blue Hawk Drop Cloths at Lowe's

The fabric for these curtains are Blue Hawk drop clothes from Lowe's.

The drop cloth trend probably ended months ago, but the fabric has this perfect natural shade and a texture that is just fantastic.

Stitch Witchery from Joann Fabrics
Stitch Witchery from Joann Fabrics

The best thing about this project is that the drop cloth is already hemmed, so you don't have to worry about those clean edges.

First, cut the drop cloth in half which leaves 2 pieces. Then iron each piece to get the hems a little more clean and to remove the wrinkles from the folds.

Pre-hang and measure so you can see how much is needed to be cut, and how much will be leftover so you have enough room to "hem" the edge with the stitch witchery. With the way the cut works, you will have "hem" the top part of the drop cloth and the pre-hemmed edge with be at the bottom.

After everything is prepared and measured use the Stitch Witchery to bond the material together with an iron.

To use, just follow the directions on the package.

When everything is measured and bonded to perfection, measure the bottom of the panels {the pre-hemmed side} to prepare for the fun part- painting!

The bottom stripe here is about 2 inches wide. There is an inch between the two stripes, and the top stripe is an inch wide.

For the curtains in the picture, I used these three colors from Apple Barn to find the complimentary color combination. The two blues were mixed together until I achieved the perfect shade.

The colors are White, Bimini Blue, and China Blue.

Of course you could get crazy here and add more stripes, bright colors, maybe a chevron pattern, or even stencil it. I chose to keep these pair of panels simple.

Now its time to let them dry.

The paint was dry to the touch within a few hours, but I let these sit overnight.

After the drying is complete, the hardest part (the waiting) is over.

Now hook them to some stylish drapery clips...

And enjoy your new inexpensive curtains that frame, your favorite scenery!


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