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Diy How to Repair or Fix Carpet Burns

Updated on May 4, 2024
Eileen Hughes profile image

We did not realise just how easy a fire could happen in our home

Cover Burn with a Mat or Rug


Help with Removing Burns in Carpets

Do not panic, most times burns in carpets are caused by a spark from either an open fire or a cigarette. The open fire burn could be harder to fix if a piece of wood fell out of the fireplace.

Vinegar & Carb soda

Make up a small solution of carb soda and vinegar and leave on burned area for a few minutes, this should lighten the burn if not cut off the very top with a pair of scissors.

Cut out Method

You will need a sharp Stanley knife with a new blade, double-sided tape, and a glue gun or suitable glue. If the carpet is well worn, you need to find a similar remnant, from inside a cupboard or a mat from the same carpet. If none available, you are in trouble.

Use the Stanley knife and cut out the burnt section, using clean straight lines. Either a square or round cut, depending on damaged area. Make sure you do not cut into the underlay. Now cut a piece the same size using the cut piece for a pattern. It is important to match the pattern or grain of the cutout carpet to the piece you are replacing. Test it in the hole to make sure it fits, with no gaps. Lay the double-sided tape under the carpet and fit your new piece into that space. Stand on it for a minute or two to make sure it sticks, or stand a heavy item over it. Do not vacuum for two or three hours so you know the glue is dry.

Cover Up

If this burn is small from a cigarette, you may find this idea easier. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the edges off around the burnt section to remove the blackened area. Sponge this area with a solution of detergent and water, and leave to dry. If that did not work and still shows, you may be able to use a wire brush and fluff the carpet over the hole. If on a white carpet you could try a littl drop of diluted bleach.

If it has burned right through the carpet, cut off some fibers from inside a cupboard or the edge of unseen carpet. Place glue in the hole and press the fibers into position and leave to dry.

Another idea

If these suggestions will not work for you, try covering with a mat or call the insurance company. Carpets suffer more wear and tear than any other floor covering. So, give them the care and respect they deserve.

If you follow any of these tips to perfection, your carpet should last you for many years to come, without anyone seeing the faults.

Repair Carpet Burns

Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit, Single Unit, Gel
Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit, Single Unit, Gel
If all else fails, then I would definitely give this a try. It worked on a small burn for me. So what do you have to lose?

My Own Experience with Burning Carpet

It was the middle of winter and I tried to get the fire going.  I have to admit this was years ago and not using my brain.  I grabbed a small can of fuel.  Not thinking I put a small bit on the wood and set it alight. It went woof!.  Then went out.

So I went to put a bit more on and slipped dropping the can. There was a big woof this time as there were still live sparks in the wood and it caught with the fuel.  I grabbed my white sheepskins and tried to put it out.  But as I hit it the fuel container spun around spilling more fuel.

I was scared that the fuel can would explode.  In the end I put  both sheepskin rugs over the can.  To cover flames and my daughter grabbed the hose.  Luckily we got the fire out ourselves.  I have never used petrol since that day.  Deisel is much safer.

I had a big burn in that carpet. Luckily it was covered by insurance.

Another Idea for Small Burns

If your burn is only small you could first try sanding the mark with a piece of sandpaper and then vacuum the carpet. If that does not work, cut the charred fibers off with a pair of scissors.

You could try cleaning the burnt area with a mixture of water and peroxide, dab it with a clean cloth. Failing that you will still have to cut it out like suggested before.

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