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DIY Roofing or Hire Professionals? The Pros and Cons

Updated on May 11, 2017
A man repairing roof.
A man repairing roof.


Installing, replacing or repairing a roof is not an easy task. It takes both technical knowledge and experience. If not, accidents and injuries can be expected. Also, the roofing might not be installed, replaced or repaired properly to the detriment of the homeowner’s safety and of course, overall budget.

However, it doesn’t mean that roofing can only be learned in physical schools, workshops, seminars, or training centers. Today, there are many ways people from different walks of life can learn the ropes of roofing and apply their learning on their own properties – becoming the roofer themselves later on.

But despite such development, many homeowners still prefer to hire professionals for their roofing needs rather than doing the project themselves for logical and practical reasons. What are these? Is it really best to hire professional roofers rather than doing the roofing yourself?

DIY Roofing

The Advantage

Doing it yourself is fine as long as it only involves minor works such as repairing small leakages. This means you just need to find a good sealant and seal the hole. It can also be that you have had an experience replacing one or two roof shingles, which gave you a good result, so you’d like to do it on your house roofing. That way, you can save money coz you can forego hiring professional roofers and buy shingles.

The Disadvantage

It is obvious that navigating yourself on the roof is not safe. Compared to the professionals around, you are not used to doing this, you’re not doing it on a regular basis. And so, there is higher chances of slips, trips, or falls happening while you’re managing to do the job on your own.

Another thing is, you can turn a small roofing issue to a bigger one if you are unsure of what you’re doing up on your roof. For instance, you might mistakenly take a leak as minor when in actually it is bound to destroy the structural foundation of your house.

Professional Roofing

The Advantage

There are many advantages of asking help from the professionals out there. First, of course, you can avoid potential accidents or injuries from climbing your roof and navigating yourself on there. Second, the experts will be able to tell you the other issues your roof might be struggling with. And most of time, they give you free consultation or estimate as to the work needed to bring your roof to its original quality or state. At the end, you’ll have peace of mind.

The Disadvantage

If it’s a simple roofing problem and you hire professionals to solve it, you might be spending more than what the situation appropriately requires. And if these experts are busy, you’ll need to wait for their availability. During bad weather conditions, professional roofers in your area are usually booked for weeks or months, depending on the gravity of the damage for fixing.


Ultimately, your decision will revolve around knowing what you are about to do, whether it is safe or not, and whether it is cost-effective. For all your roofing needs, always go to the best roofers in your locality like the roofing contractors in Ann Arbor.


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