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DYI Custom Furniture with Simple Supplies!

Updated on May 23, 2014

Starting it up.

This article will walk you through the process of customizing your own furniture without paying thousands of dollars to make it look beautiful. The quantity of supplies you will need will depend on the size of furniture you are using. The directions are for a medium sized jewelry box but can easily be adapted to be used on furniture.

I found this box a local Goodwill for $8. It looks to have been painted at least three times. The first thing I noticed about it was the knobs design and the fanciness of the metal. I scratched off some of the paint and there is engraved gold metal underneath. I was upset that someone would paint such beautiful metal. Well I figured I would just help it get back to the box it used to be.


1 yard of your choice of fabric. (Make sure to buy more for one way designs)

1 Small bottle of Matte Modge Podge.

1 Small bottle of Gloss Modge Pndge




sponge brush x 2

Semi course sand paper (500)

Trim (optional)

Paint remover (optional)

Prepping Your Surface

If applicable, first remove any metal pieces that may interfere with proper fabric placement. If they can not be removed, it's okay, but it will create more work for you.

After all metal/ stickers/etc. are removed sand the surface just enough to rough up the surface. this will help the glue attach better.

If you have painted metal like in my project, I used a paint thinner to remove the paint without harming the metal.

Prepping your Fabric

Cut Fabric to size using you ruler and scissors. I opted to use my two sides and back all in one piece and made the top a second piece. Make sure to line up design if you have to use more than a width wide. It will be easy if you are working on square furniture and more difficult with curvy furniture. Please select your project level based on your experience level otherwise you may be disappointed with your results.

Fabric Adherent

After everything is sanded, put a nice coat of matte modge podge on the first section you had choose to start with. try to place fabric evenly without stretching it. Pat the fabric down as smoothing will cause it to pull and trap air bubbles. Once fabric is flat and even on all sides, allow it to dry (about 15 Minutes). Then coat in Gloss modge podge. Allow to dry 15-20 minutes per coat. I put at least two and sometimes up to five. For my particular project I had to paint some areas because I did not want fabric in those places.

After everything is dry I put ribbon along the edges. This is optional. I replaced all metal.

Stand back and look at your creation...You did it!


1. Determine your supply amounts

2. Prep your surface and your fabric

3. Nice coating of glue

4. Pat fabric into place

5. allow 15-20 minutes per coat for dry time.

6. Admire your work.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Awesome job! I love crafting and refinishing sturdy old furniture pieces I find at thrift shops & yard sales. These are some great tips and ideas here, nice work on this hub.