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Damask Curtain

Updated on March 16, 2011

Types of Curtains

Are you confused about the type of fabrics that you should choose your curtains to be made from? Our article will discuss the damask curtain to the chintz curtain and a lot of other curtain types.

Curtains can transform a room from drab to fab, if you know how to use them. The fabric the curtains are made from has a huge impact on how the room will look. You see heavier fabric curtains will likely let less light into the room while lighter fabric curtains will let more light into the room. How much light you want to let into a room is up to you.

A damask curtain is a curtain that can be made from cotton, silk, satin or other man made fabrics. A damask curtain will contain a glossy background fabric with a foreground fabric print or pattern that is normally raised. Damask curtains are often used in Victorian homes.

Damask Curtains For Any Home

Brocade curtain fabric often uses a damask curtain pattern or another weave. The weaved pattern is normally put on the interior of the curtain so it can be enjoyed by people that are inside of the room. This type of curtain is again very popular in Victorian era homes.

A chintz fabric curtain contains a print that is finely woven, It is normally of floral design on a light colored background. Chintz curtains are mostly used in bathrooms and bedrooms.

A cretonne curtain is similar to a chintz curtain but uses a heavier fabric, often cotton. It will also likely contain a larger design also and be brighter in color. Cretonne curtains are more likely to be seen in living rooms and kitchens.

From a damask curtain to a cretonne curtain you will most likely be able to find any of these type of curtains available in stores. If you have a hard time finding what you are looking for try a specialty home store or consider shopping online at or eBay.

Damask Curtain
Damask Curtain


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