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Damask Duvet

Updated on March 10, 2011

Damask Duvet Covers

The Beauty of a Damask Duvet Cover

Damask fabric is an elegantly woven fabric that has been around since the medieval era, which is what a damask duvet is made from. Typically, damask fabric appears as a pattern woven onto a background. You may often recognize it easily as something that looks almost like tapestry.

This is why adding a damask duvet cover to your home can really bring some sophistication and elegance to your bedroom. In these modern times, there is a wide variety of damask duvet cover patterns that range from florals to stripes to beautifully woven animals or other whimsical patterns.

Decorating With A Damask Duvet Comforter Cover

It is not just the patterns of damask duvets that vary. Damask duvet covers come in a wide variety of colors as well. In fact, they come in every color of the rainbow. Typically, damask used to woven from richly dyed yarns, but now that there is an abundance of dyes and colors, damask duvet covers can be anything from white on white to black and white. It really all depends on the design of the damask duvet cover.

Having a damask duvet cover does not mean that you have to have a boldly noticeable pattern either. There are plenty of damask duvet covers that come in monotoned color themes. These usually will have one solid color background with an almost silk-like and shiny embroidered pattern on it or vice versa. These are the typical color patterns for damask striped duvet covers. More intricate patterns will usually have two different colors used in the design.

Of course, sometimes it is the opposite and the background is shinier than the pattern. It's really all about the damask duvet cover designer and their overall concept that they were going for when they designed the damask duvet cover.

Whether your home is very traditional, very Victorian, or very modern, there is a damask duvet cover that will go perfectly in your home. Just take a look online at the selections online to see the variations in patterns to find out what will look best in your bedroom.

A Damask Duvet Cover for Any Bedroom

If you think that your home isn't elegant or fancy enough for an rich and lustrous damask duvet cover, then think again. A damask duvet cover could be just what your traditional or country style bedroom needs to kick it up a notch and make you feel like royalty. Damask is perfect for a Victorian home or classically decorated bedroom as well. Just be careful with the patterning as this will determine if it will look nice in your home or not.

It is also a really unique idea for even the most modern home. It would really add an eclectic feel to a contemporary designed room. All those clean and sleek lines could really benefit from the soft beauty of a damask duvet cover pattern of paisley or other exquisite pattern. Plus, they're really warm and cozy during the winter.

For the best selection of damask duvet covers, I highly recommend looking online. While stores may have several damask stripe patterns, it is very hard to find anything but the stripe. You will also pay a lot less for a higher thread count damask stripe duvet online than you would in stores. You can shop for damask duvet cover sets online at sites like or eBay if you like to shop for great deals from the comfort of your own home.

damask duvet
damask duvet

The Many Damask Duvet Covers

There are many colors and styles of damask duvet covers. Some of the more popular styles are Victorian and stripe.

Damask duvet covers are the most popular in white, black, pink, and blue. All of these colors can be found in king, queen, single and full sizes also.

Damask damask duvet cover are the favorite bedding of people who are creating a French country theme in their home and also Victorian ere themed homes.

For a really cool themed bedroom consider using toile bedding with Victorian era paintings or country side paintings. Damask wallpaper is another option in this type of bedroom.


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