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Damask Duvet Cover

Updated on March 10, 2011

What is a Damask Duvet Cover?

Damask is a fabric which is recognized by its glossy background on which a raised woven design is sewn - often a striped pattern. A damask duvet cover is a duvet cover that is made from damask fabric. A damask duvet cover may cost you more than a regular duvet cover because of the intricacy of the weave, but there is a damask duvet cover available in every color of the rainbow.

A damask duvet cover may also be the most elegant duvet cover you will ever own and can be constructed of many different colors, although there will be most likely be only one or two colors used. If you're worried about cost, then opt for less expensive damask duvet cover fabrics. Duvet covers made from fabrics such as silk damask will cost you a lot more.

Why Decorate With A Damask Duvet Cover

Decorating to match your damask duvet cover is as easy as decorating with toile duvet covers. You just have to be sure to match the colors in your damask duvet to your surroundings.

Unless you are planning on painting or re-wallpapering, make sure the damask duvet cover you're thinking of purchasing matches your current decor.

Damask duvet covers will often suit any style bedroom well. Whether your room is more traditional or modern, a damask duvet cover can really add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bedroom.

If you're having trouble deciding on what types of curtains to use with your damask duvet cover, try to see if you can find the same duvet cover damask in a curtain. If not, opt for heavier fabric curtain or drapes in a style that suits the style of your new damask duvet perfectly.

You can be eclectic when decorating with a damask duvet cover. This means to mix different styles together to create a one-of-a-kind look.

For example, even if your bedroom is extremely modern and Jetson-like, a damask duvet cover will just be that touch of something special to bring an air of classicism to the room.

For more traditional or Colonial style homes, a damask duvet cover could just be that touch of perfect bliss that your bedroom has been needing. To shop online for damask duvet covers I suggest searching or eBay.

Damask Duvet Cover

Damask Duvet Cover
Damask Duvet Cover

More About Damask Duvets

Damask duvet covers are not only perfect for people trying to create a French themed bedroom, they are also good for modern themed bedrooms. Duvet covers come in many colors and not just black and white. Blue damask duvet covers are very popular. Brown damask duvet covers are also becoming more and more popular.

If you like damask duvet covers than you may also want to look at toile bedding as it is similar.


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