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Damask Placemats

Updated on March 16, 2011

Setting the Table with Damask Placemats

Depending on the color and design of damask placemats, they can be used for any dinner occasion, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Brightly colored damask placemats in bright floral patterns with white or cream woven overlays can be a great option of your breakfast or lunch table setting.

For more formal dining occasions, choose richly colored damask placemats in monotoned shades or two-toned shades. Matching damask napkins to your damask placemats will make the table setting even more elegant.If you enjoy shopping online and also eBay have a wide selection of damask placemats.

Choosing Damask Placemats

Damask fabric is known for its elegance, so if sophistication is what you're looking for, then damask placemats could be a quick fix for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

For added style, look for damask placemats in more stylish shapes. For more festive occasions like the holidays, look for damask placemats with tassles.

Choose damask placemats in colors that go with your current decor. Even if you love the damask placemats but they just don't go with your room - don't buy them unless you are planning on renovating the room in colors that will go with your new damask napkins.

Make sure to choose damask placemats that are washable, because the last thing you want to be doing after a dinner party with wine and sauces is scrubbing the stains out of your damask placemats. Of course as with everything else, if you absolutely love them and have to have them but they aren't machine washable - then get them if you're willing to handwash them.

Decorating with damask placemats can be as easy as just putting out matching damask napkins and dinnerware.

If your room is very simple, opt for damask placemats with more than one color visible, and if your dining or eating area is busier, opt for plainer damask placemats.

Damask placemats come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, patterns and colors, so be sure to look over all your options before just going with the first damask placemats you see.

Online, the choices for damask placemats is endless. In stores, you may only find a couple damask placemats that are outrageously priced.

Damask Placemats

Damask Placemats
Damask Placemats


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