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Damprid Moisture Absorber To Prevent Mold And Musky Odors

Updated on September 6, 2014

When I lived in an apartment that had a mold problem in the bathroom, I suffered with chronic sickness and feelings of fatigue. It wasn't until the entire bathroom was redone, that I started finding some relief. Recently I moved out of that apartment and into a house. When I first moved into the house, some of the closets had a musky odor and I was worried about the moisture in the air causing mold or mildew. The first month in the house I experienced the same type of headaches as I did in the apartment.

I searched around and purchased a product called Damprid Hanging Moisture Absorber for my closets and a Damprid disposable container that I have sitting on my bureau in the bedroom. After a few weeks of having this product, I could see all the moisture collect at the bottom of the bag in my closet and the container on my bureau. It was amazing, I am so glad that this product worked so well. My closet smells a lot fresher and the musky odor went away since I have used this hanging moisture absorber.

Besides helping to eliminate odor, this product has also helped me to breathe better and I no longer get those type of headaches that I had when I first moved in. The products that I purchased are fragrance-free, however, there are other Damprid moisture absorbers that come in different scents. It lasts for up to 60 days, so it will eventually need to be replaced.

The air in my room feels fresher since I have been using this product. Another good place to use Damprid would be in the bathroom since there is more moisture and humidity from people taking showers. It may help prevent some of the mold and mildew that build up in the bathroom. These moisture absorbers contain crystals that absorb moisture in the air, prevent mold and eliminate odors. I would recommend this product for others to try in their homes to help prevent any problems associated with high humidity, excess moisture, musky odors or mold.


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