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Daring Bedroom and Livingroom Decoration Using Color Psychology

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Color Orange

Orange sweeps us away with its exuberance. A lot of orange in a room amounts to having another person for a company -- it is a loud color, an antidote for loneliness. Orange in the bedroom acts as a visual alarm clock: seeing it right after opening your eyes makes waking up a less stressful experience.

During the day the color continues its joyful mission, inspiring positive mood, otherwise inexplicable. I think orange is the most exotic color without being really exotic. It conceals elements of otherness not evident in our everyday lives.

Because of its loudness, orange often appears on such removable objects as curtains and bed linen and covers. If it fits the room's general color scheme -- or at least doesn't disrupt it -- it is difficult to go wrong with orange. But these are conventional choices.

Much more interesting and exciting is the option of wall art, or even of painting one of the walls. Orange cheers people when they approach it -- and they have to because of the color's magnetic powers; the association with fun makes it a good décor choice to surround activities perceived as boring. Here are some wall art suggestions.

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

This French painter reinvented the poster genre. He sought expressive tools to pass on the message of entertainment and fun that took place at the Moulin Rouge and other Parisian theaters at the end of the 19th century. Lautrec was a cripple and lived among prostitutes during his early life -- biographical details that undoubtedly influenced and sharpened his psychological insight. He depicted dancers and crowds and individual actors -- and he used a lot of orange. Many of the movie posters we see today rely on principles developed by Toulouse-Lautrec.

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin, unlike his contemporary Lautrec, disregarded the Paris night scene. In fact, he disregarded all old world civilization, and left Europe for the Pacific Tahiti, where he could devote himself to painting. He walked the island's Edenic landscapes, mingled with the innocent natives and, painted the latter with former in the background. Gauguin's orange is deep and exotic, approaching brown. He is not my favorite artist: I find many of his compositions and palette choices sugary and nearing cliché. Some of his portrayals of Tahitian women, however, are masterpieces of atmosphere and human understanding.

Abstract Orange

I decided to go for three artists: Greg Garrett, Claudia Raimondi and Ruth Palmer. Either edgy and patched or flowing and harmonious, these works are soaked with orange. Sometimes that's exactly what is needed. This abstract art removes the oppressing urge for interpretation; it's just is, bathing us in color and a stream of subconscious "orange" messages.


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