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December Apartment Decoration Using Your WideScreen TV

Updated on January 9, 2015

Widescreen TV as Wall Art

Using your television set as an instrument of decoration -- as a piece of wall art -- was a dream that slowly materialized since the late nineties. It was always the fare of science fiction, especially since on wide screens of well integrated or concealed flat TVs images seemed to appear out of nowhere -- an effect this genre loves. I love the inherent sense of comfort in watching decoration happening before my eyes. You don't even need to walk, as the pictures smoothly follow each other by the force of technology. And it's good for the winter, when staring at one point in space may become a routine activity.

Van Gogh and Monet

Van Gogh and Monet sets provide all the classic and familiar paintings by these artists. It's a difficult choice, if you have to make one. Van Gogh's idiosyncratic landscapes shock with their originality and exuberance. They explode with color and liveliness, and perhaps these qualities make them unfit for the year's coldest season. Monet is more balanced and orderly, he explores light effects and paints air -- he provides a better sense of the outside, being, in a way, a more objective and approachable artist.


Fight the waves of cold with these recordings of warm oceans. One of the Amazon reviewers said he and his wife actually started looking for vacation resorts after watching one of these DVDs (there are four in the series). I think I can understand why. These disks include nature sounds, such as of waves colliding and crushing into beaches, screaming sea birds and more. The images and the sounds mix to create universally appealing decorative combos that will be relevant throughout the year. Still, these DVDs have "fool the winter" written all over them, even if you are fooling yourself as well. All locations are real and listed.


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