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Deck Lights and Lighted Post Caps

Updated on January 16, 2009

Accent Lighting for Your Deck

You can make your deck much more useful after dark without using bug-attracting flood lights. In addition to adding a romantic ambiance to your deck, low voltage or solar lighting with our lighted post caps can also add safety and security to the back of your home. Accent lighting integrates with posts, railings, stair risers, and other deck elements to create an inviting after-dark atmosphere. There are a variety of different lights available for you to create the perfect lighting effect on your deck. You can highlight the posts with lighted post caps. You can illuminate the stairs with riser lights or under-step lights. You can even add specialty task lighting with a bendable grill light that allows you to focus the light on your sizzling steaks to make sure they are done to perfection.

Your deck can easily become a place of quiet relaxation on a warm summer night. You didn't spend thousands of dollars on your deck to have it usable only during the day. Now you don't have to choose between sitting in the dark or lounging under the harsh flood lights while swatting away the moths. Low voltage accent lights can provide the perfect ambient light without attracting all those bugs. You can relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family out in the fresh air.

These days, safety and security are a major concern for many homeowners. With deck and landscape lighting you can add an element of security to the back of your home to eliminate the blackness. Lighting also allows you and your friends and family to easily navigate stairs, pathways, and cluttered decks.

Since 2004, Moonlight Decks has been providing the highest quality post caps and deck lights for upper end homes. Based in Kansas City, all of our post caps are made in the USA! We recommend the low voltage version of our lighted post caps for its ease of use, longevity, and controllability. We also have a solar lighted post cap that is becoming increasingly popular. Custom colors and sizes are available as well.

Illuminate Your Deck!

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Illuminate Your Deck with our lighted post caps!


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