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Decorate Home With Lights for Autumn Season

Updated on October 11, 2014

Lights With Autumn Theme for Home Decoration

Fall is a wonderful time for various outdoor activities as well as a leisurely time for spending in the sun parlor. The beauty of the special season just inspires us to have fun with lighting. Creative lighting actually also produces a more stimulating environment with more activities and creates an atmosphere of restfulness, intimacy or relaxation. Whether you are enjoying outdoor parties, or just spending time at your sun parlor, take advantage of some gorgeous lighting ideas can bring you more fun. Here I would like to share some autumn themed decorative lights that best complement the splendid season.

LED String Lights

LED string lights are increasingly popular decorative lights. The classic party lights are always so perfect for giving out twinkling and festival light throughout the outdoor areas. They are mostly used in decorating Christmas trees. But for their flexible decoration effect, they are extensively used on various occasions.

A string of mini white lights, once wrapped around tree branches or trunks in the backyard, can make a sparkling lamppost out of the backyard trees. The LED string lights are the perfect fit for any outdoor party. Of course, string lights come in various styles and colors. In this way, it is much easier for us to blend the lights into the color of the tree. We can use green string lights to decorate darker colored trees yet white string lights for lighter colored trees. LED string lights can bring us fun in other ways.

We can intertwine a string of lights in large vases or bottles. Put the lighted vases or bottles in the places we want to and this decorative touch can bring us warm illumination. This is really a creative lighting option for outdoor dining tables, indoor family dinner, room decor or even pool areas.

If we have a plan of various parties in the October, we can still make advantage of the LED string lights for easy and unique decoration. The party usually needs special atmosphere and slightly brighter lighting, so try to get some large, round, clear LED light bulbs which are often used in restaurants or other festival outdoor activities. Such decorative lights can usually be found at home improvement stores. Usually, the LED light bulb can make a statement with the outdoor party lighting.


Candles are another great autumn themed lights. They are great lighting for outdoor party, autumn dinners, barbecue or a leisurely night time with friends. Colored candles can best explain the various colors of autumn, green, orange, yellow or even metallic hues such as bronze and gold. One disadvantage of using the candles is the risk of fire. Ensure the lighting to be safe as well as beautiful. For the safest use of candles, the flameless candles might be the best choice. They come in various sizes, ranging from tea lights to large pillars, flameless candles can offer us very warm yet flickering light with little fire hazard.

As for the use of candles, if we want it to give out the brightest illumination, we can use large pillar candles inside tall glass hurricane holders. Place 2-feet candles down the dining tables outside, that will be romantic. For better expressing what the autumn brings us, we can try some votive candles inside glass mason jars and that will give out a sense of harvest. Just place the jars around the backyards as path guide. To embrace the autumn inspired scent, try to add some leaves, pumpkins or porn corns that all say about harvest.


Lanterns are also one of the classic lighting options for autumn. They are very nice choice to create rustic lighting around outdoor sitting or eating area. This is a season great to take out the lanterns and get them installed on the posts in the backyard. The bulbs inside the lanterns vary, from regular light bulbs to flameless candles. Make sure to choose the lantern light bulbs which give off a warm yellow light because that will just goes well with the autumn vibe.

Glow Jars

For the outdoor activities in the Fall, the glowing jars can also be one of the best lighting choices. Glowing jars are always DIY made. It is very easy, and usually can be made in various ways. We can choose painted mason jars or glow stick jars to DIY the glowing jars. As for the painted mason jars, just try to paint the outside of the jar so as to get uniform glow. Put a small candle inside the jar to watch a warm, subtle glow from it. Then for the glow stick mason jars, get several orange glow sticks and pour the glow-in-the-dark liquid inside a clear glass mason jar. Orange is very suitable color for the autumn season. Of course, we can also use white glow sticks so that they can blend beautifully with the décor.


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    • vivaoffice profile image

      vivaoffice 3 years ago

      Nice lights

    • lightsharehome profile image

      lightsharehome 3 years ago

      Yes, the fall colors are always attractive. It is also time for preparing the holiday decoration.

    • profile image

      MasterDripper 3 years ago

      The fall colors are great and I like to holiday lights...cheers