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Decorate The Walls Of Your House With Bamboo Sticks (Really!)

Updated on March 18, 2012

Home decoration is an art that involves use of the right skills and materials that will make it look lively and colorful. Bamboo sticks are some of the materials that are used by many people to decorate walls of their houses. Perhaps, many people prefer them as they require a low budget but the final look is natural and attractive. To achieve decorative looks on your wall using bamboo sticks, you need:

  • Bamboo sticks
  • Artificial leaves and flowers
  • Glue
  • Small sized nails

Using bamboo sticks on your wall can add a natural touch to the rooms of your home. These naturally occurring materials have a unique way that enable them give a beautiful final look to a room.

Bamboo sticks decoration styles

There are different styles in which one can decorate a home using bamboo sticks. For instance, you can take four sticks then cut them into equal length. Place these bamboo sticks horizontally on a table or floor. Then place another five sticks on top of these vertically. Using nails, adjust paces of these bamboo sticks. This will give you a gauze shape in the final design. You can them move your gauze in a way that will give you a triangle to every gauze square. Now you can take artificial flowers that have leaves with a natural look and using glue, fix them on the gauze.

Leave your decoration alone for sometime to dry. This should then be followed by making a hole on the wall at a place where you intend to place this decoration. You may hang it on your drawing room, corridor or even the living room. It will give an attractive look to whoever will visit your home. You may also use bamboo sticks to create a gauze that you can use on the wall outside your home.

Another style that you can use to decorate walls of your home using bamboo sticks is to create wallpaper effect. You can achieve this by starting either at the bottom or at the wall top near the ceiling. Hang your bamboo sticks horizontally. You can also start on one edge of the wall if you want to hang the sticks using a vertical fashion. In all these styles, have a screw on either ends of the sticks till when the wall is covered completely. This will give the wall a natural look once you are done decorating it.

However, remember to leave a gap between the bamboo sticks so that the color of the wall can show between them. Using a pencil and straight edge, draw lines that map out bamboo sticks layout. Then hang the sticks on the locations you have mapped out. Drill screws into one of the ends of the sticks using a drill. Hang bamboo sticks vertically or horizontally to come up with a focal point at the middle of the wall. You may also create a bamboo mat by hanging bamboo sticks on each other's side. By hanging a decorative molding that surround the bamboo sticks, you will create an appearance similar to that of a picture frame. Using a variety of styles with bamboo sticks, you can create an eye catching look on the wall of the house.


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