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Stylish Decorating need not be expensive

Updated on February 20, 2013

What is decorating style?

 Decorating style is the way in which you visualize your living space; in the theme you choose and are comfortable living in, the colors chosen and how you balance everything in a room.  It is the manner in which you express and execute the design theme you have chosen for your home.  Have you every looked at a room and wondered "What is missing".  Probably all of us have done this at one point or another in our lives.  Sometimes we have purchased a piece of furniture or an accessory and paid an exorbitant amount of money for it but it just didn't accomplish the effect you wanted it to.  I just want to give you some basics of "good" style.

Money can't buy the knowledge of good style sense;  unless you hire a professional designer that is great at designing and developing a distinctive environment for you - it is something each of us acquires through learning what is good style and what isn't.  "Your" particular style might not be that of others - but it is yours.  As an example: perhaps you want your home to be very eclectic (which means it consists of pieces of furniture and accessories from different periods of time).  This would be "your" style of decorating.  This "style" is quite popular and sometimes the hardest to accomplish effectively.   The placement of the older style pieces should be mixed in sparingly with the newer pieces and placed to balance the room, instead of being concentrated in one area.   Your very first step should be determining the overall color scheme "you" feel comfortable with and can live with for a long period of time. Do not decorate with the "fad" color that is in for this year unless you have always loved it.  Instead use this as an accent color.  Spring Green might be in this year - but out next year.  I ask clients specific questions to determine what color ranges they feel comfortable with.  All colors and color values eventually come around in full circle, so it's best to choose the color ranges you feel attracted to.  Usually clothing colors you wear and look great in also are the colors you feel comfortable to live with.  This is what you should base your color range on for your personal living space.  However, this doesn't mean that if you wear a lot of pink you should paint your home in pink.  There are some colors that should be used sparingly or toned down.

Your particular style; whether it be French Country, Eclectic, Transitional, American Country, or any other style doesn't have to be expensive to accomplish that "Wow" factor.  Choose the basic paint color then add touches of your chosen accent colors in candles, cushions, fabrics and pattern.  Balance is important in a room.  Not only the balance of color in a room but the balance of texture.  Beautiful rooms can be created with a very minimal budget amount - it is all in the balance of color, the placement of furniture, lighting and accessories.  These are the elements of good design and style. 

I can and will get into further detail regarding specific themes and how to accomplish them in future articles.   


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