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Decorate Your Bedroom For Free:Wall, Collages and Ideas

Updated on August 31, 2011
A little bit of simplicity goes a long way...
A little bit of simplicity goes a long way... | Source

How To Decorate Your Room For Free

Decorating your bedroom can be inexpensive.. it can even be free! All you need is a few good ideas, some time and patience and you will be ready to revamp your room.

Ideas used in this hub are things I've done over the years; from decorating a white wall to making scrapbooks of places I'd like to visit. Anybody can make their room feel like new again. It all depends how much effort you're willing to put in and how much time you have to spend. I'd do this now in a day, but over a weekend works best as you can really think about what you want to do and how you want to change your room.

Some people prefer to hang their clothing on a rack instead of a cupboard. I prefer the privacy of closed doors when it comes to where my clothing is.
Some people prefer to hang their clothing on a rack instead of a cupboard. I prefer the privacy of closed doors when it comes to where my clothing is. | Source

Out With The Old.. Keeping Some New

First thing's first: it would be a good time now to go through your cupboards, throwing out papers and junk, and sorting through your clothes. Are you seriously keeping those leather pants because they hold some important memories of your past, or because you actually fit into them?

People tend to associate things with memories and by all means, it's not a bad thing to do. But that's why we have photographs for memories. If you don't fit into that item of clothing and you haven't worn it in say, 3 months, what are the odds of you wearing it now?

I have a bad habit of buying clothes and never wearing it. They just sit in the cupboard, gathering dust. So a good idea is to take the time to go through the clothes. Make a pile of things to give away to charities like the Salvation Army or any other charity you feel worthy of received your pre loved items. I'm not saying throw EVERYTHING out, be practical about it. If you honestly feel that you can't get rid of the item, fine. Keep it. But not for everything.

Do this for shoes, scarves, any item of clothing that goes on the body. Trust me, you'll feel better knowing that what you give away goes to a good cause. I do this sorting at the end of every year before Christmas so that other families can have little Christmas hampers of goodies.

This is what I mean by emptying your room...
This is what I mean by emptying your room... | Source

Move Everything Out Of The Room

And I mean everything. The reason for this is so that you can vacuum the room thoroughly and even shampoo your carpet. Believe me this can make a huge difference. I've seen creamy carpets go white again. It also gets rid of any smells that might be in the carpet. If you have pets, be sure to add some vinegar in the water in case your pet is not house trained, this ensures that the pet will not urinate on the carpet.

Also, take down all the curtains, lace curtains, basically everything off the windows and open the windows as wide as they'll go. Not only will you need every bit of fresh air to air your room out, but now you have more light in your room to help you see better!

Wash your curtains, hang them out to dry and pack these away if you have other curtains you can use. The main idea here is to give your room a new lease on life from today and by using other curtains, you're starting to revamp the room. But don't put the new curtains up yet!

So you'll be moving out the furniture, dusting off every shelve and windowsill and the corners of your ceiling.. everywhere where dust will hide. Then you're going to vacuum the room once or twice depending on how much dirt is lifted is the first time. Personally, I find those vacuum cleaners with no bags perfect as you can see the dust is lifted from the floor and sucked into the machine. 

Now that the vacuuming is done, shampoo your carpets and make sure those windows are open so that the carpet can dry. This might take a few hours depending on the size of the room but it's well worth the wait. And while you wait, you can have a look at the other ideas of this article! 

Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it once more. This is to lift any extra dirt which has been lifted in the process of shampooing. Now that your room is clean, it's time to hang the curtains. I've always loved stripes and bright colours. Some people hate it. If you want something very neutral, go for white curtains and/or lace curtains. I have both. Reason being that I don't close my curtains so the lace is to prevent prying eyes from gazing into my room. Smart eh?

Organise and label every box to ensure you know what's in what. Even making a little list and sticking it with tape on the top of the box helps!
Organise and label every box to ensure you know what's in what. Even making a little list and sticking it with tape on the top of the box helps! | Source

Shoe Boxes Galore

Now that everything's out of the room, you can organise the room in a more efficient way. Lately, I've taken to using empty shoe boxes as storage mediums. The local shoe shop, if asked nicely, might be able to give you some empty boxes. 

The basic shoe boxes which are of normal size for shoes can be used best for storing little items like ornaments and buttons and whatever else. Be sure to label your boxes five times: on each side and on the top. Then you can get shoe boxes for pumps. Small little boxes which are great for makeup and other little goodies. I have a little girl's shoe box which I use to store by external hard drives and flash drives in a shelf under my desk. Shoe boxes are one of the best storage mediums and can be colourful too! One of the best ways I've found to organise my boxes is by putting the on top of my loose-standing cupboard. Boxes are neatly piled on top of each other and it's rather colourful indeed.

Easy box filing...
Easy box filing... | Source

Be Efficient; Be A Filer..

You might be asking just what does filing have to do with decorating? Well, it makes decorating easier and look cleaner if there are no loose papers flying about in the wind or on your floor. Besides, filing can make you look organised and who doesn't like to know where things are you're looking for them?

Okay so not many people like filing. "Where will I put all the files?!" you say. Well, if you don't have a separate room where all the files can go, or you don't want to file, then the best thing to do is use a boot shoe box which is larger than an A4 page to store all of your papers. Otherwise, do invest in a filing box; the ones in which reams of paper come in. They make excellent filing holders and you can create the filing tabs individually or buy them.

Personally, I file all of my paperwork. It's just so much easier when I'm looking for a document and my files are labelled to give me what I need quickly and without hassle. Again, I have some coloured files and some black files just to break the coloured pattern. I store the files in a separate bookshelf and others in my cupboard.

Making a collage of pretty much anything..
Making a collage of pretty much anything.. | Source

Making Wall Collages

If there's one thing I love, it's a wall collage. First off, I don't like sticking things like photos onto my wall without something in between the photo and the wall. That's where cork comes in or even wood. Sticking things against your wall isn't a bad idea, but what if you change your mind and don't want it there anymore? It could leave behind marks of the item and holes in the wall. 

Hence, making a wall collage on a piece of wood, cork or cardboard is a better idea. That way when you tire of it, you can take it down and redo it without the fuss of cleaning the wall or, heaven forbid, repainting the wall due to ugly marks.

Take things that you love. Photos, magazine clippings. Whatever your heart desires. This idea is also loosely linked to creating memory or vision boards in which you place objects that you want and manifest them into your mind to achieve them in your life. The wall collage can be that or it can be random items of your choice. Your room, your rules.

Dark walls, light bedding..
Dark walls, light bedding.. | Source

Change your bedding, change your mood

It has been said that how your room looks affects how you'll sleep and your mood. Whether or not it's true remains a choice for the individual to decide. I for one believe in that theory. A room full of clutter leads to a cluttered mind which adds to a cluttered house and cluttered living. Same goes for a clean room. 

If you have white walls, you can pretty much to anything to your bedding. If you have a particular colour scheme, well it makes things more limited. Rule of thumb for me is if the walls are light, have dark bedding. If the walls are darkish, have light bedding. I stay away from plain white. It's never attracted me and it's so easily to get dirty.. The last time I had white bedding.. well let's just say my black nail polish decided to break the cleanliness effect.

My walls have wallpaper that throws various colours due to the lighting. So as a precaution, all my bedding is light or brightly coloured. In winter, I love colours to brighten up my day and my room as I believe colours are warm. In summer, i prefer cool colours like creams and grey.

A bedroom in Kuala Lampur.. stunning..
A bedroom in Kuala Lampur.. stunning.. | Source

The Final Touch..

Now that you've moved everything out, vacuumed, shampooed, hung new curtains, made a wall collage, filed your papers, cleaned your cupboards out and used shoe boxes to store some things, it's time to move everything back in.

Only this time, if it's at all possible, move items around in the room. If your bed was on one side of the room, move it to another. It's all about creating space. Organise things in a ways that's best for you and try not to put anything big in front of windows as this blocks light and believe me, you're going to want light in your room. It keeps away cockroaches.. 

Once everything's in its new place, stand in your doorway and observe what you've done. Amazing how doing simple little things like that can change your entire room. 

I hope you've found this hub helpful! If you have, please rate it up and do leave comments!


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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Great article, I feel as though I could definitely do a better job as a filer, but I can say that when you vacuum and shampoo an entire room, it does make a world of difference. I really like your shelf display, very meticulous in the things you placed there. Shows me you love express yourself in every way shape and form. Great article, voted up and interesting.

    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      lol I commented on the cockroaches and then you say the same thing in this hub!! :) haha!!! You already knew, LIGHTS!!! Yes, I want to tell you a short story, but I dont' want to send you screaming! I'll be brief, brace yourself. My friend and I went to a place.. not so clean, so we went to the bathroom together to hold each other up! LOL, when we flipped on the light OH MY. I'll leave it at that. After that, well we never went back to that house, but that was something I forgot to mention, get nightlights so you don't use a lot of electricity and if you can afford leave your bathroom light on, and make sure you have them come remove a street light, that will keep them across the street :) Great hub I love that red/yellow bedroom great pic choice!

    • youmeget profile image

      youmeget 6 years ago

      Well written.

    • Rastamermaid profile image

      Rastamermaid 6 years ago from Universe

      Great hub,very well written!

      Thanks for sharing!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      Very thoughtful ideas. I like the way you presented it. Excellent! :)