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Decorating Disasters

Updated on November 22, 2014
Never try to remodel your home remodeling DIY project.
Never try to remodel your home remodeling DIY project.

My husband and I married in our early 20s, and I can assure that we had the company of many other couples while rowing our boat of remodeling mistakes. We experience our stories to tell our friends and family about all of the remodeling mistakes we have experienced throughout our life. Although, these mistakes were not funny at the time, we now laugh at them and recount them at family get togethers.

I Needed to Get That Small Piece of Lint

This is my sad, but humorous story of just one of my redecorating disasters. I wanted hardwood floors in one of the bedrooms of our first home. I tore back the rug to look what was underneath, and viewed great hardwood floors. I took out the rug with my hubby's help. I might add there was nothing wrong with the carpet; I just wanted a wood floor. I planned to sand, varnish and add a coat or two of hard lacquer finish preventing scratching of the wood.

Read the Instructions, including the Fine Print

One thing that irritates me to no end is reading instructions for anything, including children's board games and home improvement instructions. I do not like reading directions and this gets me into trouble. I did not read the sander directions and proceeded to use the sander for a few minutes when all of a sudden the room filled with a cloud of dust. I had not secured the dust collection bag correctly. All of the dust that was supposed to go into the sander bag flew into the air I was breathing. I have asthma and then immediately had to shut down the project, get outside and medicate So I could breathe.

When the dust finally settled so that I could see to work and breathe, I finished my sanding job. When I finally finished the sanding I was satisfied with such a nice job. I was proud of my inaugural attempt at sanding a floor. The next step was to varnish, I did read the directions fully, and again the varnish job turned out excellent. This project tested my patience because I wanted to start the lacquer finish. I mustered up the patience to wait until the varnish was well dried.

While the floor dried, I read the instructions for applying the top coat of hard lacquer. When it was time to apply the lacquer the coat went on smoothly. When I completed the job, all I could do was stand back and admire my efforts for a perfectly beautiful wood floor. This was my first time taking on this sort of project and I was proud of myself.

Nevertheless, roughly three feet from the door was a bit of lint. I could not let well enough alone, I had to get that piece of lint, that only I would probably notice.

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors Can Assure a Job Well-Done?

If something is not right, I need to fix it. I need all my ducks in a perfect row and I needed to remove this piece of lint because it should not be there. I got down on the floor on my knees and I knew beyond a doubt that if I held the doorknob with one hand to steady myself I could reach forward and grab that piece of lint.

As I put my plan into action, the door moved enough to send my body falling forward, onto the wet lacquer. After the shock wore off and I realized what I had done, my heart sank. I knew I had made a disaster out of my floor. As I tried to get up and steady myself, I saw the lint on my sweatshirt outlined on the floor in the wet lacquer.

I told my husband that I would start over again, but he insisted we buy new carpeting for the room and let well enough alone. I bought new carpeting and had it professionally installed. My husband claimed that he never wanted to see me sand a floor again, thus, this ended my sanding career.

The best advice that I can offer anyone who is tackling a decorating project is to talk with seasoned decorators and gather all the information and advice possible. If needed, get others to help with the project if it is a big project such as refinishing a wood floor. I cannot stress to anyone enough to read the directions carefully for safety and job success.

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