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Decorating Ideas for Male Bedroom

Updated on September 3, 2016

Most men prefer simple designs for their bedroom decorating. Simple but not lacking in color and style. Decorating is a good approach to suit a man’s everyday lifestyle, whether that style is simple, rustic, sleek and classy or tidy. It is always a good idea to keep it simple and straightforward.

Let’s have a look at some ideas for male bedroom:

Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are essential items in a bedroom. Choose your favorite color for bed sheets and pillow cover, or you can choose neutral colors such as blues, browns, black and tans. Never use pink, yellow and lilacs as they are floral or feminine colors.

You can choose bed sheets in solid colors, but if you like those with a design you can try stripes, circles or plaids. Always choose cotton fabric bed sheets. Cotton is the most popular sheeting fabric and it’s also a matter of your comfort. On the other hand, cotton is durable.


A bedroom is a place where you spend maximum time of your everyday life. Your bedroom should look unique, stylish, neat and clean. An elegant bedroom always attracts you to stay some more time and stay in a relaxed mood. You can use bedroom curtains to make your bedroom more attractive and stylish. There are two types of bedroom curtains available. One type is that obscures a window to keep people from looking in and the other type is that accents an opaque window. These curtains are generally made of sheer or opaque fabrics.

You can use half curtains or curtains that cover the window completely for your bedroom considering your privacy. Use solid color for the curtains if you have a patterned wallpaper on your bedroom wall. You can choose the color according to your bedroom wall and design.


Accessories are important items in a man’s bedroom. Some accessories you should keep in your bedroom to meet your necessity. You should use a towel to save you from the headache of wet floors. The towel could be decorative as well as practical. Always choose a towel with a color design that suits your style. You can find towel made of various types of materials, but choose one which is fade resistant and made of cotton.

Keep a towel in your bedroom rack as it is useful to you. Towels are available in two sizes, standard, and tall. You can use both sizes, one for your bathroom and another for bedroom use.

Floor Mats

Shower curtains are used to prevent water from reaching the floor, but some water will probably make it down. If you use floor mat, it will soak up water from the shower as well as water from wet feet stepping when you enter into the room after taking a shower. Floor mats also prevent dust from your feet when you come into the room from outside.

Try to use color matched floor mats with your bedroom wall. You can use various shaped floor mats, but consider the color than the style. It is recommended to have a stylishly coordinated bedroom.

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Choosing the right Fabrics

Every man is different and their styles and choices are also different. They always live in their own fantasy. Males are fun loving and they like to have fun and cool materials in their room. When you will decorate your bedroom you should have to think like what you really want. You need to consider what things most attract your attention and what style you want to apply to your room decor.

Here are some ideas that will help you to choose your bedroom accessories.

Bed Sheet Fabrics

The bed sheet is an essential thing for your bedding. Try to choose a bed sheet that made of cotton. Because of cotton, fade resistant and durable. It will ensure your comfort. Cotton is the most popular sheeting fabric. Cotton lets cool air pass through in the summer and also traps heat. It is a great choice for almost any climate. Cotton can be blended with rayon and other materials that affect its weight. Egyptian, Pima, and Sea Island cotton are the best. Try to choose one of these cotton while buying. In recent years, bamboo blends have become more popular because bamboo is sustainable and naturally antimicrobial. You can use this fabric for your child’s bedding.

The color is also an important factor while you are going to choose bed sheets for you. Try to determine which color you would like to have on your bed sheets. If you unable to determine you can imagine yourself. Don’t use white color for your bed sheets. Because you'll use your bedroom not to sleep only, but also for working. White color will get dirty soon. Use deep and solid color. If you like designs and stripes you can go for this. Choose pillow covers matched to the bed sheet. You can choose bed sheets with artworks if you like animation characters or objects. You will find many bed sheets like these.

Window Curtains

Most of the time people forgot to choose the right curtain for their windows. When it comes to decorating, choosing the right curtain will change the look and style of a bedroom. When you are going to cover your windows you should choose curtains carefully as the choice may differ from the point of view of yours room. Everyone likes to have something different than others. So avoid as usual looking fabrics when selecting. Think that what color and style you prefer to have in your room. Understand the privacy and lighting. Use darker drapery and window covering curtains. But if it causes problems with lighting you can use sheer drapes.

Choose the right materials and fiber combination that can use for curtains, but you should choose materials that are fade resistant, especially if the room gets a lot of light. Choose the right style that expresses the style of the room Always prefer the choice of your own mind. You will stay in that room, so all things should have to be like your comfort and choice.

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